I am all about alleviating stress and helping people live in peace.  What could be a very devastating thing that could happen to you that would cause the utmost stress and take your peace away?

Let’s go back to when I was working full time as a Professional Organizer with an added service of Photo Organizing.  Over the years I had clients lose years of precious digital photos because they were not handling their digital photos well.

It’s so sad to know that all those years of precious memories were gone forever with no way to retrieve them and believe me my clients tried.

When I worked with my Photo Organizing Clients, I would recommend that they have at least one backup of their digital photos, but two backups would be ideal.  So, what would that look like?

Option 1

Photos on your computer.  Copy in the cloud. Third Copy on an External Hard Drive not in your home.

Option 2

Photos on your computer. Copy on an External Hard Drive.  Third Copy on a totally different External Hard Drive and not in your home.

Option 3

Photos on your computer.  Copy in the cloud.  Third Copy on a Flash Drive (very large) not in your home.

Option 4

Photos on your computer.  Copy on a Flash Drive (very large).  Third Copy on a Flash Drive (very large) not in your home.

Why “not in your home?”  Because God forbid there was a fire, tornado or hurricane in your home.  At least there would be an External Hard Drive somewhere other than your home that has these precious memories.  A Safety Deposit Box in your Bank is the best place to store that 3rd EHD of storage.

Now my personal Option would be Option #2.  I am NOT a cloud person as I don’t leave my precious memories in the hands of anyone else.  Can External Hard Drives go bad?  Yes, they can.  But at least I have a greater level of control with my External Hard Drive.  Flash Drives tend to go bad quicker than External Hard Drives.  Plus, they are smaller and easier to misplace.

Why is the Cloud very risky?  Let me share with you this quick video of what happened to some families that trusted Shutterfly with their digital photos.  Some had 20 years’ worth of digital photos stored there.


Now if you are ok with Cloud storage, then I recommend you use a Company called www.Forever.com . Check out their safety, security and lifelong promises by going to their website.  The difference with Forever and these other platforms is that you own your photos.  If you would like a referral of an individual who can help you get your photos on Forever.com or have questions, let me know and I’d be happy to refer someone to you.

Remember your photos are precious.  Protect them.  AND ….

“Don’t let your child be a jpg!”

Get those photos off the cloud, off your computer or off your phones and tell their stories.  It will be treasured for a lifetime.  I promise.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

How Are You Managing Your Digital Photos!