Do You Have This Chemical In Your Body?

Do you have chlormequat in your body?  You just might especially if you eat Quaker Oats or Cheerios. Your well-being is not just isolated to one specific area of your life.  It encompasses all aspects of your life.  From your career, your relationships, your spiritual life and your diet … to name a few.  When […]

Two Ways to Care for Your Skin

Last week I talked about the importance of understanding that our skin is our largest organ and that our skin tells us much about our gut health.  It is a great barometer of our overall health.  If you didn’t have a chance to read about that topic, here is the link to read.  Our Skin […]

New Study on Safety of Aspartame!

A few weeks ago, I did a Blog post Is Aspartame Safe For You?  If you haven’t read that Post, here is the link for easy access  Blog – Is Aspartame Safe For You?.  Today I want to continue this discussion on the safety of Aspartame from a study done by the International Agency for […]

Circle of Life … home cooking!

Last week the “spoke” we talked about on the Circle of Life was your social life and the importance of having fun and enjoying other people’s company.  Were any of my suggestions helpful for expanding your network of people to socialize with?  Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts. This week we […]

MSG and Deceiving Ingredients

I remember 20+ years ago when my 18-month-old son was dealing with “night terrors.”   The pediatrician told me that it was normal and he would out grow it.  Yikes.  You’re kidding … right?  He’ll out grow it?  Well when … tonight?  (Still amazed that physicians say things like that.) Finally, after some pray and research, […]