Shedding Some Light on Dairy and Why it May Be Affecting You

  “Some people claim that dairy is white poison while others say it’s liquid gold.” Dr. Josh Axe. The truth is dairy can be either very healthy or very unhealthy depending on a few factors.  Come join me in this teaching that may shed some light on why dairy may be affecting you in a negative way. You video link…

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History of Chemical Medications

How did we transition from “natural healing” modalities to chemical medications?  I was surprised to find the answer.  Unfortunately, when wealth creates power that manipulates and controls people, the outcomes can be tragic.  Grab a cup of tea, coffee or glass of sparkling water and take a listen to who has been controlling the narrative and why.  This might help…

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What Are You Holding Onto?

Emotions play a strong part in the stability of your Immune System.  When we try to make changes to our health, well-being and lifestyle there can be emotions that we hold onto that could prevent us from having success in our attempt. Take a few minutes and listen to what I was holding onto for years and how I finally…

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How Much Do You Love Yourself?

As we continue discussing ways to build a strong and robust Immune System you may ask what does loving yourself have to do with that?  Well, grab a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of fresh water and join me.  You’ll also love my “Tip for the Week” because it ties it all in. Click here to hear…

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Healthy Living for a Robust Immune System

Creating a strong and robust Immune System is something we all need to be intentional about.  Having a strong Immune System will fight viruses or bacteria more than taking chemical injections or medications.  But strengthening our Immune System involves more than the food we eat.  Learn how to have a “Fresh Start” in making those lifestyle changes. Click Link for…

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Father Heart Book … about to be released

The wounding of so many women’s hearts seems to be beyond repair.  Because of past trauma, abuse, and neglect, hearts are aching to be loved, healed and whole.  On the outside they may feel “put together” but on the inside they are falling apart.  Unfortunately, they take these past traumas along with them on their journey of life. But Jesus…

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Vlog – Understanding CV

This might be the most important documentary you watch right now.  There is a problem and that it seems to keep getting deleted on YouTube and Vimeo.  Very disappointing but censorship is high and free speech is being muffled.  Hopefully it will stay on the current site for a while.  A must watch. It’s important to understand all aspects of…

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Vlog – Building Your Immune System #7

What will help to drain your lymphatic system, help relieve stress and help build your immune system? Listen to this video to help you understand.

Vlog – Building Your Immune System #6

Adding supplements to “support” your immune system is sometimes needed. First be sure you’ve changed your diet and life style to support your immune system, then consider adding supplements. Which ones? Check out this video    

Vlog – Building Your Immune System #5

Drinking water daily is essential to the function of our bodies. A great percentage of our body is made up of water. Getting adequate water daily will aid in getting nutrients to your cells and also clearing out the toxins in your body.