The Importance of Bananas and a Fun Recipe!

I LOVE bananas but they must be at a certain ripeness or else I don’t like them.  For me they must be just turning yellow.  They can even have a slight green on the skin.  That’s the perfect banana for me.  Once they really start to ripen, I don’t like them.  I think because they […]

Leftover Turkey Recipes!

I hope this message finds you well and that you had a beautiful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Does having leftover turkey recipes lighten your load on what to do with all your turkey?  Not sure about you but I definitely have leftovers from my Thanksgiving meal.  Today I made my pot of Turkey soup, […]

Healthy Brownie Recipe!

I was thinking of you today and thought I’d send along a fun recipe.  Now please don’t get turned off from the ingredients.  I PROMISE you these brownies are delicious, and you will not taste the beans.  This recipe is great if you are gluten free but even if you are not, you will truly […]

Leftover Turkey Recipes!

After having 2 meals of leftover turkey and turkey soup, I still have some turkey left.  I wondered what I will do with the remaining turkey.  I always have way too many leftovers.   Mind you I’m not complaining.  I love leftover turkey. Are you in the same boat?  What to do with all that turkey? […]

Healthy Salad Recipes

As I wrap up my Healthy Recipe Program, I am excited to send you this last series of recipes. Healthy Salad Recipes! I think you are going to love these Salad Recipe options and will enjoy them as you move into the Spring and Summer season.  There are so many fun and delicious Salad recipes […]

Homemade Applesauce! Cook from Scratch!

One of the things I learned to do early on in my wellness journey was to cook from scratch. Now mind you I did not grow up where we necessarily did that. My mom worked and my Polish Grandmother did the cooking. Except for a few dishes she was not a good cook. She could […]