First Thing to Do With Your Ill-Health!

From a health coaching perspective for my clients that are dealing with ill-health, the first thing I would recommend with them is to look at what they are eating.  What do they have in their pantry that could be contributing to their ill-health.  So many people that I talk to are unaware of how the […]

Don’t Let the Medical Industry Make You a Customer?

Have you wondered why there seems to be medical buildings popping up everywhere?  I don’t know about where you live but they are popping up everywhere in my area.  Has their focus become more on “business building” than “healing?”  It makes you wonder especially where BIG PHARMA seems to infiltrate our lives.  I have a […]

This Might Be Controversial!

This email might lend itself to be on the controversial side and cause some to be offended.  PLEASE hear my heart.  That is not my intention. I am about education, knowledge, information, wisdom and giving another perspective for people to evaluate and make their own decisions.  But many times, we don’t have all the facts, […]

Supporting Your Immune System with Herbs!

I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid putting any chemicals in my body as much as possible or at least intentionally.  I wanted to share with you the history of how we moved from natural healing and Naturopathic Doctors to a “pill for an ill” and Traditional Doctors but I cannot locate […]

Clean, Simple, Real Food!

My son has been telling me to go to a new Grocery Store that opened around the corner from his girlfriend’s home for months now.  I do my shopping at Whole Foods and online because I found when I used to try to shop at traditional grocery stores, I always had to go to Whole […]

A Definition of Medicine … a different perspective

We’ve grown up to believe that medicine is that pill or liquid you take for a specific illness.  On many levels that is true but how about if we take a broader perspective on what the definition of medicine means. I love this definition: “Medicine is about the way you live your life.” Dr. Judith […]

Are Your Supplements Safe?

As we continue along with the focus on building and strengthening your immune system, the next area I want to focus on is supplements.  One of the concerns I have with supplements is that we need to be careful we are not taking supplements in place of making lifestyle changes.  Just like in the traditional […]

Six Layers of Fear – Be Own Your Health Advocate!

Recently, I was with a friend who was sharing a story of something that happened to her medically and it was very frightening. She went for her annual mammogram and shortly after that received a letter saying there were some questionable findings and she needed to go for further diagnostic testing. That was all the […]

Hidden Chemicals in Your Food

Sometimes something that is bad has a purpose of showing you something good.  Let me explain. About 23 years ago my now 24-year-old son, Joseph, was 18 months old.  He developed night terrors.  I thought perhaps he had an ear infection and that is why he would wake up screaming after being asleep for a […]

Traditional vs Holistic/Functional Medicine

Not too long ago, I was in the Hospital tending the needs of my soon to be 90 year old mom.  I brought her to the ER because I thought she might have an UTI, which would explain her confusion, and a possible mini stroke.  After spending some time in the ER, she was admitted […]