Clean, Simple, Real Food!

My son has been telling me to go to a new Grocery Store that opened around the corner from his girlfriend’s home for months now.  I do my shopping at Whole Foods and online because I found when I used to try to shop at traditional grocery stores, I always had to go to Whole Foods to get the items the traditional grocery store didn’t carry.  So, I finally decided to just shop at Whole Foods.

This weekend, I made some special treats and wanted to give he and his girlfriend some it.   I dropped them off at his girlfriend’s home and since I was close by, I decided to try this new Grocery Store that my son keeps telling me to go to.  He was right.  It was very nice and had a lot of organic food.  The produce looked pretty good as well as the meat department.  I didn’t go through the whole store but as I was approaching the registers to pay for some items I picked up, I walked by a section that had mostly organic food.  I decided to check it out.  At the back of this section was a wall of refrigerators housing cold items.  The thing that was striking to me were the words over the refrigerators:

Clean, Simple, Real Food

Really?  That stumped me for a minute … clean, simple, real food!  I don’t understand.  What did that mean for the rest of the food in the grocery store?  Was it not clean, not simple, and not real food?  If I had to answer that question myself, my answer would be a big resounding YES!!!  Maybe the food is simple but clean and real is more than likely not.  That food is full of:

  • Chemicals
  • Artificial flavorings
  • Artificial colorings (you know from petroleum)
  • GMO
  • and, Sprayed with pesticide and herbicides

That for me makes the food not clean nor real.  My question is do people see the insanity of that statement?  Do they believe people are ok with food that isn’t real or clean?  Possibly, people are buying it for sure.  We, as a society, have gotten so used to getting a “deal,” using coupons and gravitating to the sale items.   We love those “can, can” specials.  You know getting a can of something for a $1 each.  We are more excited about the price then the contents of what’s inside the can.

Why is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases on the rise even though we are the most advanced society, and we hold all these fundraising events to end these diseases?  Isn’t that how they market these fundraising events?

Walk to end cancer, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease!

What do they do with all that money because all these walks have NOT ended these diseases?  I personally will not donate to these organizations any longer.  I would rather financially help a family personally that may be dealing with a life altering disease then give my dollars to organizations that I believe have no intention of ending them.  Think about it, everywhere we turn new cancer facilities are being built.  What would this industry do if we have the cure to end cancer?  What would they do with all those building, all those jobs and all those chemical medications?  My belief is they have no intention of ending them.

That is why I am a strong advocate of taking your health into your own hands, understanding what your body needs and believe that God has designed and created your body to heal itself.  You just need to start with giving it Clean, Simple and Real food and I can show you how.  I can guide you to make life altering changes that will propel your body into that healing you need.  We can propel your body to build a strong immune system, so you don’t need chemical injections to protect you.

I am in the process of putting together a PODCAST/VIDEO program called

Giving You a Fresh Start!

I will keep you posted once it gets started.  Just putting the final things into place.  Hang on there is more to come but, in the meantime, if you want to get started getting clean, simple, and real food into your home, just let me know.

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!