Is Canola Oil Safe?

I just want to send a quick email to you regarding a topic that comes up a lot for me with people in my coaching circle.  Many people use Canola Oil and have a belief it’s ok.  I try to explain to them that it’s not necessarily the plant that the oil comes from that […]

Why Won’t the Weight Go?

Why Won’t the Weight Go?  Do you ask yourself this question? A few weeks ago, I did a Blog post on the insanity of the diet industry.  If you haven’t read it, click this link to go there Different Dietary Theories .  I stated at the time of my writing there were at least 114 […]

How to Know Your Eggs!

I remember the days when life was simple … do you?  I personally don’t know how old you are but I’m in my 60’s.  We played outside, rode our bikes all over the place, and ate food without worrying about toxins and chemicals. I remember the milk man delivering raw milk and leaving it in […]

Really General Mills! Are You Trying to Poison Us?

Ingredients in our processed food supply is something I’ve been aware of over the years.  Thanks to Vani or better known as Food Babe I’m learning even more.  For years I’ve known that food companies put toxic ingredients in our food, and I have stayed away from them.  But what was shocking for me is […]

How Did We Get From Wholistic Healing to Chemicals Meds?

Have you ever wondered how we moved from natural healing modalities to “petro” chemical medications?  We can thank Rockefeller for this change in Western Medicine. One would hope that medicine is progressive and only gets better as we invest billions of dollars into research.  Sadly, on most counts it doesn’t.  Why are we becoming sicker […]

Are You Overwhelmed With Diets?

Last week I briefly mentioned the “low fat” issue regarding our food and how we have been sold “a bill of goods” in that arena.  That “bill of goods” is that fat is causing us to be “fat.”  Well finally that belief is being debunked as it’s not fat that’s causing us to get “fat” […]

What is More Harmful – the Sun or Sunscreen?

Summer is right around the corner and we will be spending more time in the sun whether we are gardening, yard work or laying at the beach.  For years we’ve been told how dangerous the sun is, but where did that “fear” begin? Is it possible that the sunscreen manufacturers who to spewing upon us […]

Have You Stopped Eating White Rice?

Have you stopped eating white rice because of your concern for refined carbs as those carbs turn to sugar?  Well, there may be an answer to make eating white rice not so “unhealthy.” Why is white rice so unhealthy? One of the reasons is because the germ and bran of the rice grain has been […]

Helpful Resources for Your Health and Well-Being!

One of my passions is to help you live a full and healthy life.  As a trained and certified Health Coach my world is full of learning about healthful ways of living, getting to the root of health issues and transforming lifestyles to obtain health and well-being. I obtain training from a wealth of Doctors […]

Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress and Damage to Your Body!

What is Free Radical Oxidative Stress and how is it affecting your body? Oxidation happens in our body when we take the oxygen we breath and pass that oxygen to our cells to produce energy.  Free radicals are also produced from this process.  Free radicals are normal and necessary to some degree as they can […]