Restful Night Sleep Tip!

In my days of full-time organizing and having a client that had a whole house that needed to be decluttered and organized, the one room I always recommended we start with was the client’s bedroom.  Of course, I let them make the final decision, but I would always guide them in that direction. My Reason […]

Four Steps to Turn Your Health Around!

Today I want to discuss with you some steps you can take to turn your health around.  Are these the only steps that should be taken?  Not necessarily but taking these steps will encompass much to help bring you positive results.  What are the steps? Step #1 – Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself […]

A Way to Bring Peace into Your Home!

Living in a home that is peaceful is critical to our health and well-being.  Our home needs to be a place that we look forward to coming to after a long day of work.  Additionally, our home needs to be a place that we enjoy spending our down time not always looking for a better […]

A Follow-Up & Newly Added Fear P@rn to the List!

I am not sure if you had the opportunity to read my prior email on “What Do You Consider Fear P@rn?” and if you haven’t, the summary of it is below.  But after I sent the email, I realized I didn’t update with the latest fear that has been released … the Respiratory Syncytial Virus […]

Giving You a Fresh Start … with your mind!

For years we have believed that once our brain is damaged, we will have to live with that damaged brain for the rest of our lives.  But that is not true.  Have you heard of neuroplasticity? According to the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI), “neuroplasticity can be viewed as a general umbrella term that […]

How Can Working With a Coach Help Me?

Have you ever heard the statement? “The greatest loss is the creation left inside of you!” Isn’t that profound?  Sometimes getting to our purpose or our destiny can be a difficult project.  Or trying to get clarity on how to move out of a situation that leaves us nothing, but stress and anxiety can be […]

Circle of Life … home cooking!

Last week the “spoke” we talked about on the Circle of Life was your social life and the importance of having fun and enjoying other people’s company.  Were any of my suggestions helpful for expanding your network of people to socialize with?  Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts. This week we […]

Untreated Stress!

What is the definition of stress?  Stress is basically how our body responds to change.  This change can be good or can be difficult. Sometimes I feel my level of stress rise up when I’m getting ready to travel and go on a vacation.  As I am organizing, packing and preparing for my trip, there […]

The Importance of Healthy Cells

Can having a “healthy” life be simple and basic?  I think so.  If we go back to the basics of life and look at logic and reason, we will easily see what we can do to obtain healthful living.  It truly doesn’t have to be complicated.  But making lifestyle changes are probably a must.  Those […]

What Causes Insomnia in Aging Women?

Throughout our life we can have times, seasons or years of dealing with lack of sleep or insomnia.  There are a number of reasons that we can be dealing with this issue and the good news is we can move beyond it.  But as we age and begin to have changes in our body, insomnia […]