In my days of full-time organizing and having a client that had a whole house that needed to be decluttered and organized, the one room I always recommended we start with was the client’s bedroom.  Of course, I let them make the final decision, but I would always guide them in that direction.

My Reason

What was my reason?  Well stay with me here for a minute.  In order to have a home that is peaceful, inviting, “homey” and one that people feel is their “safe haven,” organization is a must.  Now those that live with clutter right now might argue with me and say their clutter is no big deal, it doesn’t bother them, and they are living fine with it.

Well, I would beg to differ because I’m speaking from experience.  I’ve had clients say those words to me even though they called me for help.  I tell them that once we get started and get a room decluttered and organized, they will tell a different tale.  More times than not, I’m right.  I will get a call or text or email that evening telling me they are sitting in the room we just completed, and they feel the peace in that room.  They tell me they are loving the feeling of what organization has brought them and they don’t want to leave the room.

Systems are Important

You see in our homes we need to have systems.  They don’t need to be rigid and militant.  They just need to bring order to the home and hence their lives.  I encourage people to define the purpose of each room.  You might say, “That makes no sense.  A room defines itself.”  Not necessarily.

Let’s say you are a family that homeschools, and you don’t have a room that is a designated place for learning (although you really don’t need one), so you are using your dining room.  Technically, it’s not a dining room but a learning room.  Now you might use that room for both and that’s ok, but we need to define each room for what it is used for.   Once you define the room, you need to be sure the only items in that room are the items for the purpose of that room.

Bedrooms and their purpose

So that takes us to the bedroom.  My recommendation for bedrooms is to leave a bedroom for two things, sleep and intimacy with your spouse.  Your bedroom should not be a place to store items nor a place to have an office.  I understand sometimes the office is of necessity in the bedroom, but I’d only let it be as a last resort.

When a bedroom is cluttered it affects your sleep and how you start your day.  Because what you go to bed with will set the tone of your sleep and what you wake up to will set the tone for the day.

If when you go to sleep there is clutter everywhere, your mind cannot rest and hence nor can your body. When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is clutter, then you have put your mind on overwhelm and it’s hard to begin the day refreshed, clear minded and eager for some productive work.

Is your bedroom cluttered, unorganized and not a place of rest?  Are you struggling with sleep? Then make a concentrated effort to bring your bedroom to order.  Does this concept overwhelm you, consider having a Professional work alongside you to help you reach that goal.  Just reach out.  I’m here to help.

Sleep is important and a much-needed thing our body should experience daily.  But it must be “restorative sleep.” Don’t let your sleep be hindered.  I promise you; an organized bedroom will make a difference.

Blessings and love,


Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

Restful Night Sleep Tip!

2 thoughts on “Restful Night Sleep Tip!

  1. Cannot agree more! The bedroom is your ultimate safe haven, the place of restoration. Your body had to feel safe for your mind to feel safe and ultimately for you to sleep. I once worked with a neuropsychologist on a brain injury unit who said how necessary it is to have a safe space at home. We live in a chaotic world. We work in a chaotic world, and if you’re working on a traumatic brain injury, there certainly is a lot of chaos and disorientation among patients that is ultimately felt by the staff as well. I’ve taken this concept with me for the past 30 years and you’re right on! I also agree that form must mean function; ultimately a home flows better when each room has its purpose, and you maintain the design and furnishings to meet the purpose.

    1. And Ellen I cannot agree more with you. Your explanation is so well covered and one that needs to be followed. Thank you so much for sharing. Your message is one that all need to hear. Thanks again.

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