Have You Experienced Narcissists in Your Life? 

Have you experienced narcissists in your life? Or do you even understand what a narcissist looks like?  It’s not that hard to identify this personality dysfunction once you know all the character flaws. It is very prevalent in our society.  I can guarantee you have at least one person in your life that has this […]

It’s a New Year!  What Does it Hold For You?

I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy “firsts”.  When I was younger, I always loved the first day of school or the first day of a new job and even the first day of the year.  It was a time to feel like you can have a “fresh start.”  But what I’ve learned […]

Fact vs Truth in Receiving Healing from Trauma?

What is fact vs truth in receiving healing from trauma?  Receiving healing from trauma can be a hard journey for many and not one we should have to endure in life.  One of the problems we face is undoing all the lies we’ve believed and the belief systems we’ve adapted.  And one of those belief […]

Healed Trauma Confirmed Through Quilting!

Sometimes it takes a while to realize we have been healed from a certain aspect of our experienced trauma and it’s not until something similar comes along to confirm that.  Well, that’s what my quilting has shown me. Take a listen to this latest Podcast Healed Trauma Confirmed Through Quilting! You too can receive healing […]

How Can You Feel Loved Even During Your Divorce? 

Feeling rejected and abandoned from your marriage partner in your Divorce who you vowed to be with in sickness and health can leave you feeling so unloved.  How can you feel loved even in the midst of your divorce and this battle?  As much as we want “human” love, there is a love that is […]

What Will Your Divorce Crisis Show About You?

There are ebbs and flows in the whole divorce or abandonment process.  Sometimes there is relief and then there are times the process can make you feel like you are going crazy.  When there is a reprieve, it’s nice.  But then the intensity fuels up and life feels insane once again.  When you have these […]

Are You Living Your Destiny?

Knowing, believing and living in our destiny is part of having an abundant life. If we are not having a life of abundance, then it behooves us to get with the Lord to discover what our destiny is and what we need to do to get there. Now don’t get me wrong, abundance is not […]