I don’t know about you, but I do enjoy “firsts”.  When I was younger, I always loved the first day of school or the first day of a new job and even the first day of the year.  It was a time to feel like you can have a “fresh start.”  But what I’ve learned over the years is that every day can be a first.  Even as the minutes change on a clock you can have a first.  So, as you move into 2024, what “first” would you like to have today, this very minute?

What Was Your Prior Year Like?

Have you had a prior year being stressed and overwhelmed with issues in your life and need reviving, rejuvenating and restoring your life so you can discover how to feel alive, motived, joyful and healthy each day?  Much of our health is about lifestyle and if we have dis-ease or ill-health, we can start fresh right now and begin making those lifestyle changes to bring you to a place of feeling like you are living again.

No matter what you do each day whether you work outside the home or manage your home, you should feel like life is good and that you are productive in what you are doing.  If you are full of anxiety, depression, lack of peace and rest or your home and/or office are cluttered and unorganized, that only adds to making you feel like living life is a drudgery.  What would it feel like to know you were able to have a productive day so that when you rest your head on your pillow and take a deep breath to get into a restful state of sleep, you can say it was a “good day.”

Are Your Days Full of Emotional Imbalances?

But if your days are full of anxiety, depression, lack of peace and rest then I would imagine you struggle with a lack of sleep which then only makes it difficult to being productive the next day.

So, what is the answer?  What are your solutions to start feeling a sense of freedom in your life and a wholeness in your body?  What can you do to feel like you are alive in your body/emotions and move out of the mess you are living in?  Sometimes we need someone to come along side us to help us see things from a different perspective.  To help guide us onto the path of freedom so that life feels worth living.  Or sometimes we need someone help us to get free from past trauma.  Friends our past does not have to be our future.

Are You Taking Control of Your Life or Letting it Go?

Many people choose to take their life (literally) because the pain is so bad but sometimes, we take our life by simply accepting the status quo of what’s going on.  We go through each day plugging along and anxiously waiting for the time to go to bed.  To then wake up the next morning only to do it all over again … painfully.  To me that is taking your life as well, just in a different way.

I can help you by giving you the keys to take your life back and live your life in abundance.  When we think of abundance, most times our mind goes to dollars.  But abundance means more than provision.  It means abundant health, joy, love and peace.

Is it Time to Take Back Your Life?

Let me Coach you this year as I will give you a step-by-step strategy on how to move forward in your life and be healed from the pain of any past trauma to help you live abundantly. Read more about my Coaching Program. And if trauma is not the issue and it’s just been difficult circumstances pulling you down, I can help as well.  The goal is to live life in fullness … no matter what has you down.

Let’s have a short chat to see if you would feel comfortable working with me … you do need to trust your Coach. Click this link to schedule a 30-minute free call with me!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

It’s a New Year!  What Does it Hold For You?