Why Won’t the Weight Go?  Do you ask yourself this question?

A few weeks ago, I did a Blog post on the insanity of the diet industry.  If you haven’t read it, click this link to go there Different Dietary Theories .  I stated at the time of my writing there were at least 114 different Dietary theories out there.  The Diet industry is a $72.6 Billion industry, and the irony is that studies show Americans are now heavier than ever.

Are you one who struggles with losing those extra pounds you have put on over the years?  Well, understand that weight gain in our society has gone beyond too much sugar, eating processed foods, eating at fast food restaurants (or for that matter eating at any restaurant) and not exercising.  Further research is showing that there are 3 issues that can cause you to not lose the weight you are trying to lose.  They truly are simple fixes but will take a concentrated effort and decision on your part to bring your health back.

What are those three issues or fixes?

  1. Get your microbiome or gut in order. A healthy gut is important for many reasons like having a strong immune system, preventing autoimmune disease and internal inflammation.  When your gut is out of balance, it has been shown that you could have a gut bacteria/a single-cell organism that is creating obesity.  That bacterium is called Prevotellaceae and Archaea.  When you have an abundance of these bacterium your body begins to store fat.  You can reverse this by producing something called butyrate in your gut and you do that with probiotics.  Also, eating a diet high in fiber and prebiotics will also encourage a strong microbiome.  This is why we MUST be careful with taking antibiotics.
  2. Get enough sleep but not just enough sleep it needs to be good quality sleep. Suffering from insomnia can encourage weight gain.  Poor quality sleep slows down your metabolism, can promote insulin resistance and of course increase your cortisol.
  3. Manage your stress and I might add eliminate it as much as possible. Of course, we will all experience stress in our life, so it matters how you handle it and how long you allow yourself to live with it.  Excessive stress can cause weight gain because it is increasing your cortisol levels.  Cortisol that doesn’t get balanced out could not only cause weight gain but other health issues like diabetes, heart disease or even cancers.

Are any of these 3 issues in your life and causing you to feel overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, depressed or anxious?  Then let me help you.  My 12 Week Coaching Program can help bring your body into a sense of peace, rest and joy.

Whatever is causing the stress in your life does not need to stay there.  You can learn to remove it from your life.  How do I know?  I lived most of my life with stress.  I went through periods of feeling like a victim and that I had no way out of my situation.  That’s why I came up with the Program Giving You a Fresh Start!

Every minute of every day you can start fresh from where you are in life or even in your day.  So how about you?  Would you like a fresh start?  If not today, then when?  Don’t delay it another day.  Begin now.  Make the decision to reach out to me to just even have a chat with no obligation or commitment.  Just a conversation to see how we can work together, and I can help bring you a life of peace, rest, joy and health.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

Why Won’t the Weight Go?

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