Last week I briefly mentioned the “low fat” issue regarding our food and how we have been sold “a bill of goods” in that arena.  That “bill of goods” is that fat is causing us to be “fat.”  Well finally that belief is being debunked as it’s not fat that’s causing us to get “fat” but the processed foods we eat and what they put in the food to give it taste because taking fat out of food makes it tasteless.  Remember I said it was the sugar industry that started the whole “low fat” propaganda.

Back in 2015 when I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to get my Health Coaching Certification, I was given a document of 100 plus diets.  I’ve just added 14 more.  The reason for listing all 114 dietary options is because I want to give you a visual on what that looks like to help you understand the insanity of this industry.

This diet list is not listed in any specific order.




Zero Belly Diet

South Beach

Weight Watchers


The Zone





Raw Food

Intermittent Fasting



Lacto Vegetarianism

Lacto-ovo Vegetarianism





Specific Carb Diet


ABS Diet


Feingold Diet





Biggest Looser Diet

Blood Type Diet

Blue Zone

Body Ecology Diet

Calorie Restricted

Candida Diet

China Study Diet

Clean Diets

Diary Free


Body for Life Diet


Edenic Diet

Elimination Diet

Engine 2

F2 Plan

Fat Flush Plan

Flat Belly Diet

Body Reset


Food Combining

Gabriel Method

The Daniel Plan


Gluten Free

HCG Diet

The Hormone Cure

The Cheat System

HMR Diet

IBS Diet

Jenny Craig


Kosher Diet

LA Weight Loss

Clear Liquid Diet


TLC Diet

Low Glycemic Index

Low Fat Diet

Master Cleanse

Mayo Clinic


MediterrAsian Way

Traditional Asian Diet


Spark Solution Diet





Acid Alkaline Diet

Prediabetes Diet

Slim Fast


Super Shred

USDA Plate

Virgin Diet

17 Day Diet

Bulletproof Diet


Supercharged Hormone

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

3-Day Diet

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes

Ultrametabolism Diet

The Leptin Diet

P.I.N.K. Method

The Clean Diet

The Plant Based Diet

Blood Type Diet

Fast Metabolism Diet

The Maker’s Diet

Super Health Diet

The Hungry Girl Diet

The Apple Cider Vinegar

Sirt Food Diet

The A-List Diet

Choose to Lose Diet

The Happiness Diet

Insulin-Resistance Diet

Whole 30 Diet

Men’s Health Diet

So, there you have it, 114 Diet Plans.

Does it make your head spin?  It does mine.  I wondered if I should have just made one long list, so you had to scroll to get a better effect.  This was to give you a good visual on how insane this industry is.  As of 2023, the Diet industry was worth $90 Billion (from Expert Market Research).

I’m not saying that there is not some value to SOME of these diets.  Twenty-eight years ago, when my son had night terrors and the pediatrician was worthless on how to help him, I was introduced to the Feingold diet.  It 100% resolved my son’s night terror issues even though the pediatrician said there was no “scientific evidence that it worked.”  I said there was enough “scientific evidence” with this mom. Ugh!!!

The Candida diet was helpful when my son had a rash on his arms.  I said it looks like a yeast issue which means you have a gut issue.  He agreed to go on the Candida Diet and within 30 days his gut was better, and the rash was gone, and he didn’t need to be focused on that diet any longer.  Personally, I take issue with removing whole food groups from your diet because I believe we need to eat in balance. If you have a specific need, then by all means follow that food diet but not as a “forever” commitment.

The Problem is are these diets sustainable?

The problem with all these diets is they are not sustainable.  Yes, you might be able to do it for a period of time but eventually you want some meat or poultry if you are plant based for example.  And the reason that you could want some meat or poultry is your body is telling you what it needs.

I do not encourage a “diet” per se.

This is what I believe and I teach my clients.

  • We need to eat food as close as to how God created it.
  • Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.
  • You want to bake a cake, make it from scratch.
  • If you do eat processed foods like crackers, be sure they have “clean” ingredients in it and a minimal amount of ingredients. If there is a long list of ingredients, stay away.
  • Drink “clean” water not water in plastic or from your tap.
  • Stay away from sodas … especially those with chemicals like aspartame, etc.
  • Watch your alcohol intake. Vodka is made from corn.  Corn is GMO! Grapes from your wine are highly sprayed with pesticides.
  • Do not eat food that is GMO or the new term “Bio-Engineered!”
  • Stay away from Fast Food Restaurants and be cautious when eating out.
  • Don’t eat “Farm Raised” Fish.
  • If your food has additives, preservatives and colorings DON’T eat it.
  • Food in box or a can is probably not healthy.
  • Stay away from corn syrup and have minimal sugar (and that’s not just sugar you put in your food. Check packaged foods.  They usually are high in sugar.)
  • Non-organic wheat is GMO.
  • Oils high in Omega 6s is not healthy (corn, canola, soybean, vegetable)
  • Watch your dairy and be sure you use organic but raw diary is best.
  • Meats and Poultry from CAFOs farm is not healthy.
  • Boxed cereals are usually high in sugar, unhealthy grains, preservatives and food colorings.

This email is not to overwhelm you but to educate you in how our food system is destroying our health. There’s a saying out there that says:”

“The food industry begins the destruction,

and the pharmaceutical companies finish us off. I’m 

I believe there is much merit to that statement.

Why are there more medical facilities popping up everywhere?  We have to ask why are we the sickest Nation yet we are supposed to have the best healthcare?  It seems that the Food industry makes money by making us sick.  Then Big Pharma comes in to supposedly heal us and they make money at that.  But their method of healing brings harm many times.  Then the Diet Industry comes in to help us lose the weight it caused us to gain by giving us unhealthy food.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Take your lifestyle changes one step at a time. Don’t feel like you need to follow every point I made above.  Just focus on one issue at a time.  It’s taken you years to get to the point you are at, it will take time to make those changes.

Changes can be hard especially if we’ve become addicted to different foods.  (Know there are chemicals put in processed food to make you addicted to it.). That’s why I recommend eating whole real foods the way God created them.

Well friends let this shed some light on perhaps helping you rethink that you need to find the right diet. Perhaps it’s a matter of just eating the right way.  If you need help getting there, then let’s chat.  I can help you achieve your goals and love and encourage you along the way.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

Are You Overwhelmed With Diets?