MSG and Deceiving Ingredients

I remember 24 years ago when my 18-month-old son was dealing with “night terrors,” the pediatrician told me that it was normal, and he would outgrow it.  Yikes.  You’re kidding … right?  He’ll out grow it?  Well when … tonight?  (Still amazed that physicians say things like that.) Well after some prayer and research, I discovered the Feingold Diet.  Dr….

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Vital Nutrients For Your Body

In order for our body to maintain a level of health, we need to take in specific nutrients daily.  We can take them via supplements.  But getting them from food is the best.  With that being said, we need to be sure the food that we eat daily is not tainted with pesticides and herbicides.  If it is, you are…

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10 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Food can affect your emotions and your moods.  Studies are showing that our gut is our first brain and if we suffer from depression and/or anxiety, one of the things we should look at is what we are eating.  Processed foods would be a big NO.  Sugar would be a big NO.  Fresh “real” food is what your gut needs…

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Understanding Our Dairy!

As a child my go to drink was milk.  I LOVED milk.  I drank it with every meal and then some.  I even continued drinking milk well into my late 40’s.  I would have a glass (or two) with my dinner every night.  I have to say I converted to organic dairy and have been only purchasing organic for 15+…

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How Clutter Affects Your Health!

Living amongst clutter in your home or your space affects you in many ways.  The hard part of acknowledging this truth is that clutter builds gradually.  It’s not as if a truck pulled up to your home and dumped all the clutter.  It got put there little by little. It’s like a pot of water that gradually comes to a…

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What’s The Truth About Fats

One of the things that makes me angry is being lied to or deceived and one of those areas is regarding our food.  Food manufacturers are handing us down lies and deceptions and our Government is saying it’s ok.  I guess that’s what they mean when they say, “They are in bed with each other!” Do you remember years ago…

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25 Lifestyle Tips

Making changes in our life can feel overwhelming.  We can look at our life and think there is so much to change.  How do I even begin?  Or you may not feel well about your life but you can’t put your finger on just want can be wrong and what needs to change.  Well here are some ideas to help…

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12- Days of Change for Your Health

Recently, I heard that someone I know, and love has their cancer metastasized to another organ in their body.  I’m mad and angry that this ugly demon is making havoc in this person’s life.  I made some recommendations to have this person look to natural healing methods.  But was told they would not be open to other means for turning…

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Vlog – Building Your Immune System #6

Adding supplements to “support” your immune system is sometimes needed. First be sure you’ve changed your diet and life style to support your immune system, then consider adding supplements. Which ones? Check out this video    

Vlog – Building Your Immune System #5

Drinking water daily is essential to the function of our bodies. A great percentage of our body is made up of water. Getting adequate water daily will aid in getting nutrients to your cells and also clearing out the toxins in your body.