Have you stopped eating white rice because of your concern for refined carbs as those carbs turn to sugar?  Well, there may be an answer to make eating white rice not so “unhealthy.”

Why is white rice so unhealthy?

One of the reasons is because the germ and bran of the rice grain has been removed which leaves the “starchy” endosperm.  This process allows the rice to have a longer shelf life and cook quicker.  But by removing the germ and bran it also removes very important nutrients like Vitamin B1.  When our bodies are deficient in Vitamin B1 we could get an illness called Beriberi which causes heart failure, paralysis and even death.  That was an illness that happened in Japan back in the 19th Century.  Certainly, that is on the extreme side, but white rice can also attribute to obesity and metabolic syndrome such as diabetes.

My sharing the issue with Beriberi and Vitamin B1 deficiency is just an example of what happens when food manufactures mess with food and try to create something different.  I say this all the time … “Eat food the way God created it.”

So, should we eliminate white rice from our diets completely?

That would be hard as I love all types of rice; especially white.  Eating white rice has been eaten by other countries for centuries without ill effects?  It’s seeming to always boil down to the processing of foods that make it unhealthy.

Well, I have some good news.  There is a way to enjoy white rice and eliminate the negative health challenges you could face, and it has to do with the way you cook your white rice.

I found this article VERY helpful. I have followed Sayer J for several years.  He does much research on health and food issues always siting his scientific resources.  Check it out.  Just by making a change to how you cook your white rice, will transform it to a more healthful way to eat.

How to Make White Rice Healthy Again!

I hope you enjoy!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

Have You Stopped Eating White Rice?