Do You Buy Your Supplements on Amazon?

Recently my son warned me about purchasing an External Hard Drive (EHD) on Amazon.  He said he watched a video on how there are people out there creating main brand looking EHDs and being deceptive on the size of the storage.  For example, they sell one as having 2 TB of storage, but it only […]

Is Your Body Building Up in Mercury?

I remember back in 2015 when I was dealing with intense levels of insomnia and unexplained anxiety, I decided to give Essential Oils a try.  Medications are always a last resort for me.  Although I did find relief on some level, my sleep was still not where I wanted it nor where it should be, and […]

Supporting Your Immune System with Herbs!

I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid putting any chemicals in my body as much as possible or at least intentionally.  I wanted to share with you the history of how we moved from natural healing and Naturopathic Doctors to a “pill for an ill” and Traditional Doctors but I cannot locate […]