I Escaped to My Mind.  Where Do You Escape To?

I escaped to my mind.  Where do you escape to?  My mind was my safe haven as I was growing up enduring different abuses.  It was not the best place to be but it was the safest for me at the time.  How about you?  Where do you escape to?  What or where are the […]

What Will Your Divorce Crisis Show About You?

There are ebbs and flows in the whole divorce or abandonment process.  Sometimes there is relief and then there are times the process can make you feel like you are going crazy.  When there is a reprieve, it’s nice.  But then the intensity fuels up and life feels insane once again.  When you have these […]

Why Giving You a Fresh Start!

What was the reason for the title of my PODCAST Giving You a Fresh Start?  Take a listen to this 7-minute PODCAST to learn the reason for this title and how God always has the perfect reason and the perfect plan for all He instructs us to do. Click here for this PODCAST!

You, My Friend, Are Created to Shine!

Yes, this is the truth.  You are created to shine!  Your destiny is written on your heart! Do you believe that? I had struggled with “shining” for a very long time because of the pain from the trauma I had experienced in my life.  But one day it finally hit me that yes, I am […]

What Attracts Itself to You?

Do you find yourself going around the same mountain again?  Are you finding that people in your life seems to be pushing the same buttons over and over?  Do you find that you are making a bigger issue out of something than it needs to be? Then perhaps this Video is for you.  Here I […]

Giving You a Fresh Start … with your mind!

For years we have believed that once our brain is damaged, we will have to live with that damaged brain for the rest of our lives.  But that is not true.  Have you heard of neuroplasticity? According to the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI), “neuroplasticity can be viewed as a general umbrella term that […]