Let’s Balance Your Emotions with Siberian Fir!

This is the last Essential Oil for Balancing Emotions.  My next series will be on helping you stay focused.  Today I’m presenting to you Siberian Fir Essential Oil.  Siberian Fir will provide you with a tranquil, positive feeling and can enhance a soothing massage. Why I Love Siberian Fir I love, love, love this oil […]

Serenity Essential Oil Gives You Balance!

I have only a few more oils to present for Balancing emotions.  Then we will move into Essential Oils that help you “Focus.”  However, what I have today to discuss is Serenity Essential Oil.  Serenity will create a beautiful, restful environment at bedtime. Great to Diffuse I diffuse this oil every other night.  One night […]

Rosemary Essential Oil for Brain Power!

This next Essential Oil for Balancing emotion is one you probably never thought would be categized in this way.  It is Rosemary Essential Oil.  Most people think of Rosemary when it comes to cooking but many cultures use it for its internal benefits and energizing scent. It’s used for more than you think! Occasionally, when […]

Peace Essential Oil Brings Balance!

Yes Peace Brings Balance!  Our next Essential Oil for Balancing emotions is called PEACE.  The name says it all. How to Use PEACE You can diffuse at nighttime to help your body relax from a stressful day or you can apply one drop to your hands and inhale it deeply.  Even applying a drop or […]

Myrrh Essential Oil is More Than a Perfume!

Myrrh Essential Oil is special to me and I love it for Balancing emotions, but I also enjoy it as a perfume.  Myrrh is also a wonderful Essential Oil for giving you a “smooth” complexion and promoting good oral health. It’s a very thick Essential Oil and when not used for a while it can […]

Melissa Essential Oil Is More Than You Think!

Melissa Essential Oil is our next oil for Balancing your emotions.  It is a very powerful oil for calming your tension, but it also is great for virus issues. One thing I’ve dwelt with since I was a child is cold sores.  I believe I got it from my mom because she suffered from them […]

Lavender Essential Oil Is a Must for Calming Emotions!

  Today the Essential Oil I want to focus on for emotional well-being is going to be about Lavender.  Lavender Essential Oil is an excellent oil for Balancing your emotions. This Essential Oil was my first to start! Lavender Essential Oils was the oil I started with.  I did not like it initially but I […]

Cedarwood Essential Oil is Great for Bringing Balance!

Cedarwood Essential Oil is GREAT for bringing Balance.   It is very supportive for emotional well-being.  We are still focusing on Balancing your emotions. The next Essential Oil will still be in the area of Balance and that oil is doTerra’s Cedarwood.  Cedarwood is a very grounding aroma and brings a calmness to your emotions. […]

Balance Essential Oil Says It All!

Today let’s focus on Essential Oils that are supportive for emotional well-being.  These are the areas I will focus on using Essential Oils: For Balancing your emotions. To help bring Focus into your life. To bring Motivation into your emotions so your day will be productive. To give you Uplifting feelings as you proceed through […]

Healthy Brownie Recipe!

I was thinking of you today and thought I’d send along a fun recipe.  Now please don’t get turned off from the ingredients.  I PROMISE you these brownies are delicious, and you will not taste the beans.  This recipe is great if you are gluten free but even if you are not, you will truly […]