Are There Toxins in Your Cleaning Products?

As a child, one of the wise things my mom did was give me chores.  There are four girls in my family but only three of us had chores.  My youngest sister was a little too young to take on that responsibility.  So, the household cleaning was divided amongst the three of us.  Every Saturday […]

Stress/Anxiety/Depression and the Relationship to Food!

Has stress, anxiety or depression been part of your life for so long that it almost has become your friend?  It’s with you throughout the day but it’s somewhat unnoticed. Then at night when you are asleep and all is quiet, it seems to pop its ugly head.  You’ve tried therapy, supplements and even Essential […]

New Study on Safety of Aspartame!

A few weeks ago, I did a Blog post Is Aspartame Safe For You?  If you haven’t read that Post, here is the link for easy access  Blog – Is Aspartame Safe For You?.  Today I want to continue this discussion on the safety of Aspartame from a study done by the International Agency for […]

Essential Oils for Emotional Support … in summary!

As I continue my series regarding the use of Essential Oils for Emotional Support, I decided to give you the complete list for ease as opposed to sending them one by one.  I have included the prior ones I sent to you on using Essential Oils for Balance.  The next segment was going to be […]

Rosemary Essential Oil for Brain Power!

This next Essential Oil for Balancing emotion is one you probably never thought would be categized in this way.  It is Rosemary Essential Oil.  Most people think of Rosemary when it comes to cooking but many cultures use it for its internal benefits and energizing scent. It’s used for more than you think! Occasionally, when […]

What Do Your Thoughts Do For You?

In the past while working with some of my organizing clients, I found that many who lived amongst clutter had a thought pattern about themselves that was not serving them well.  Now what they were thinking and even speaking out about themselves might have been fact; but it wasn’t truth. The Difference What is the […]

Why Giving You a Fresh Start!

What was the reason for the title of my PODCAST Giving You a Fresh Start?  Take a listen to this 7-minute PODCAST to learn the reason for this title and how God always has the perfect reason and the perfect plan for all He instructs us to do. Click here for this PODCAST!

Is Your Body Building Up in Mercury?

I remember back in 2015 when I was dealing with intense levels of insomnia and unexplained anxiety, I decided to give Essential Oils a try.  Medications are always a last resort for me.  Although I did find relief on some level, my sleep was still not where I wanted it nor where it should be, and […]

100 Uses for Essential Oils PDF!

Using Essential Oils, I believe, is a great way to support health and healing for your body.  I’ve received inquiries about understanding Essential Oils on a greater level.  Soon I will be creating some Webinars on Essential Oils but until they are completed, I’m providing you with some helpful information. Essential Oils is a great […]

Brrr … Essential Oils Diffuser Blend to Warm that Chill in the Air!

Do you feel a chill from the cold weather these days?  Consider diffusing these Essential Oils to warm up your environment. You have two oils that support strong brain health … Rosemary and Frankincense.  Cedarwood and Douglas Fir will remind you of the outdoors.  They are calming and grounding. I think you will enjoy this […]