Giving You a Fresh Start!

It’s here.  We’ve just ended the summer months and are transitioning into fall.  Even though fall is not officially here, to me when we step into September, it’s fall.  So, what is instore for you this fall?  Any new projects, careers, relationships or simply crafting ideas. I have a new project in my Business that […]

Circle of Life … your physical activity!

Were you able to glean any wisdom from last week’s Circle of Life focus on “Relationships?”  I would love to know your thoughts and if there are issues you are struggling with, just know I’m here to help. This week I want to discuss on the area of physical activity.  On my Circle of Life, […]

Circle of Life … what are your results?

When I am working with a Health Coaching client, we begin by looking at Primary Foods not just Secondary Foods (foods you eat).  What are Primary Foods?  It’s your relationships, your physical activity, your career and your spirituality.  If anyone of those areas is out of whack, trying to encourage you to eat more broccoli […]

Untreated Stress!

What is the definition of stress?  Stress is basically how our body responds to change.  This change can be good or can be difficult. Sometimes I feel my level of stress rise up when I’m getting ready to travel and go on a vacation.  As I am organizing, packing and preparing for my trip, there […]

28 Stress Reducing Ideas

With so much un-settlement STILL happening in our Nation … and the World for that matter, it is no wonder that the level of stress in people is at an all-time high.  Managing stress can be hard because when we have this sense of overwhelm, it’s hard to think clearly let alone come up with […]

Moving, Being Active or Just Plain Exercising!

With all that is still happening in our Nation, it almost has to be a focused effort to do things in your life that relieves stress.   Today I want to talk with you about something that is very helpful if you are struggling with stress and anxiety.  Admittedly, it is one I truly struggle myself […]