What Are Your Thoughts on Raw Milk?

My purchase of dairy has changed over the years.  For the past 10-12 years I only purchased “organic” dairy but was very disappointed when I realized that the organic milk I was purchasing was “ultra-pasteurized.” Why did “ultra-pasteurized” milk concern me?  Because milk that is heated to over 280 degrees (ultra-pasteurized) has removed all nutritional value […]

Shedding Some Light on Dairy and Why it May Be Affecting You

“Some people claim that dairy is white poison while others say it’s liquid gold.” Dr. Josh Axe. The truth is dairy can be either very healthy or very unhealthy depending on a few factors.  Come join me in this teaching that may shed some light on why dairy may be affecting you in a negative […]

Understanding Our Dairy!

As a child my go to drink was milk.  I LOVED milk and drank it with every meal and then some and even continued drinking milk well into my late 40’s.  For dinner every night, I would have a glass (or two).  The past 15+ years, I converted to organic dairy.  But one night at […]