Start Living By God’s Promises!

What would life be like if you started living by God’s promises?  Would you walk in joy, peace, love and health?  I believe so because that is the Father’s promise. God the creator of the universe and the creator of you personally, knows exactly what you need to live in abundance for your life.  But […]

Fact vs Truth in Receiving Healing from Trauma?

What is fact vs truth in receiving healing from trauma?  Receiving healing from trauma can be a hard journey for many and not one we should have to endure in life.  One of the problems we face is undoing all the lies we’ve believed and the belief systems we’ve adapted.  And one of those belief […]

In a Divorce Who is Your Perfect Lawyer? 

When we are going through a divorce, we want to find the perfect lawyer.  One that will represent us well.  This is a valid need but the lawyer I’m talking about is not one that has Esquire after their name.  Take a listen to this recent Podcast to find out who your “perfect Lawyer” would […]

Are You Desperate For Change?

Many times, in our state of frustration we express our desire for change only to find that we are easily swayed back into our old ways. We may think that we’ve reached our limits and we are ready to move into another direction but find that the pit we are in can still pull us […]

What Are You Doing With God’s Promises?

When we are in difficult circumstances, we tend to focus on all the horrible things that are happening to us which only gives more power to those negative circumstances.  Take a listen to this PODCAST to learn what to do when life has not handed you the cards you wish you had and how you […]

When God Speaks, Learn to Dig Deeper!

When we are reading the Word of God and receive revelation from it, or when we receive a prophetic Word from a brother or sister in the Lord, the wisest thing we can do is dig deeper with the Lord as to the meaning of what God is speaking to you.  Take a listen to […]