New Study on Safety of Aspartame!

A few weeks ago, I did a Blog post Is Aspartame Safe For You?  If you haven’t read that Post, here is the link for easy access  Blog – Is Aspartame Safe For You?.  Today I want to continue this discussion on the safety of Aspartame from a study done by the International Agency for […]

Weekly Drops of Wisdom Using Peppermint Essential Oils!

If you are new to Essential Oils, there would be 3 oils I would start with.  They would be Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.  These 3 oils are considered the basics that every household should have.  So, let’s start with Peppermint.  What are the benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil? For one, this oil has the benefit […]

Circle of Life … your physical activity!

Were you able to glean any wisdom from last week’s Circle of Life focus on “Relationships?”  I would love to know your thoughts and if there are issues you are struggling with, just know I’m here to help. This week I want to discuss on the area of physical activity.  On my Circle of Life, […]

Weekly Drops of Wisdom – Wild Orange Essential Oil

Have you ever tried Wild Orange oil? What about any of the other citrus essential oils like Lemon, Lime, or Grapefruit? One of the best things about citrus oils is that they have a wide variety of uses. Within a single bottle of Wild Orange essential oil, there are dozens of possibilities. For instance, you can […]

Weekly Drops of Wisdom — doTerra Peppermint Essential Oils

Do you have times when staying alert is difficult? Try Peppermint oil! If you or someone you know has trouble staying awake during the day and would like a natural method to feel alert, Peppermint oil used topically or aromatically can help. Because of the invigorating and cooling effects that pure Peppermint oil produces when […]

Getting Started with Essential Oils!

After working for a number of years as a Professional Organizer, I have found that there are so many factors that are affecting people’s health … not just the clutter they are living or working in.  Many have had past trauma which resulted in emotional imbalances.  These emotional imbalances led to stress, anxiety and depression. […]