Start Living By God’s Promises!

What would life be like if you started living by God’s promises?  Would you walk in joy, peace, love and health?  I believe so because that is the Father’s promise. God the creator of the universe and the creator of you personally, knows exactly what you need to live in abundance for your life.  But […]

Healing From Trauma and Being Unsupported!

The pain one goes through as they are being healed from trauma can be enough.  Then to add not having the support of family and friends can compound the pain.  Sometimes it just adds fuel to the fire that is already burning out of control.  But don’t let that keep you from moving forward.  There […]

Fact vs Truth in Receiving Healing from Trauma?

What is fact vs truth in receiving healing from trauma?  Receiving healing from trauma can be a hard journey for many and not one we should have to endure in life.  One of the problems we face is undoing all the lies we’ve believed and the belief systems we’ve adapted.  And one of those belief […]

Healed Trauma Confirmed Through My Quilting!

Recently I saw this image and had to save it to write a Blog post and do a PODCAST on it.  There is so much truth in this statement and I want to expand on it further.  I’ve been through so much healing in my life and the Lord has beautifully healed me from several […]

What Will Your Divorce Crisis Show About You?

There are ebbs and flows in the whole divorce or abandonment process.  Sometimes there is relief and then there are times the process can make you feel like you are going crazy.  When there is a reprieve, it’s nice.  But then the intensity fuels up and life feels insane once again.  When you have these […]

In a Divorce Who is Your Perfect Lawyer? 

When we are going through a divorce, we want to find the perfect lawyer.  One that will represent us well.  This is a valid need but the lawyer I’m talking about is not one that has Esquire after their name.  Take a listen to this recent Podcast to find out who your “perfect Lawyer” would […]

How to Not Walk in Fear During Your Divorce!

In my last Podcast, I talked about fear being your biggest enemy and not your ex-spouse.  In this Podcast, I will teach you how to not walk in that fear and what tools you have to help you accomplish that.  Remember walking in fear will keep you immobilized, unable to make good decisions and eventually […]

My Redemptive Journey & My Hope for You!

I’m glad you are here as you are journeying through a divorce.  My hope is that you find this new series of teachings to be encouraging and will breathe life into you.  Divorce is a difficult and challenging time. Let these Podcasts bring you hope.  My heart with these Podcast series is to help guide […]

You Are Enough! Do You Believe That?

Do you believe you are loved by the Father in Heaven and that He adores you?  Knowing you are the apple of His eye should be uplifting.  Do you believe you are enough?  I didn’t and years ago if you told me that I would get angry?  I was angry until the Father captured my […]