What Are You Putting on Your Body and Is It Safe?

Do you know that what you put on your body gets into your blood stream within minutes?  So, what does that say about your body care products?  What ingredients do they contain?  Are there ingredients in your body care products that are toxic?  That answer is yes. Added to that the FDA does not regulate […]

Giving You a Fresh Start!

It’s here.  We’ve just ended the summer months and are transitioning into fall.  Even though fall is not officially here, to me when we step into September, it’s fall.  So, what is instore for you this fall?  Any new projects, careers, relationships or simply crafting ideas. I have a new project in my Business that […]

Bird’s Eye View … from intuition to logic!

This week on our Panel Discussion, we each spoke about how we remove toxins from our home whether it be: What we clean our home with What we fragrance our home with What we put on our body What we put in our body Knowing what chemicals are in our cleaning products or laundry products […]