What Are You Putting on Your Body and Is It Safe?












Do you know that what you put on your body gets into your blood stream within minutes?  So, what does that say about your body care products?  What ingredients do they contain?  Are there ingredients in your body care products that are toxic?  That answer is yes.

Added to that the FDA does not regulate what goes in our body care products so there is no one keeping tabs on how safe these products are.  Not that I trust what the FDA regulates but nothing or no one is regulating these products EXCEPT Environmental Working Group (EWG).  They monitor and rate toxicity in body care products.  It is worth downloading their APP.

Check out this video/podcast that will help to give you some insight as you move forward to continue building and strengthening your Immune System.  Also, included will be a downloadable PDF with what products you should review and what ingredients to stay away from.

Video regarding What You Are Putting On Your Body