What’s the Bottom Line With Our Food?

I’ve been having the privilege and honor to mentor a beautiful young woman who is my cousin’s daughter.  She reached out to me a little over a year ago asking me how I was navigating not wearing a mask.  She was overwhelmed with not being able to breath oxygen all day.  I guided her to some legal truth and gave her some encouragement.  This began my journey of helping her with health issues and food.

Yesterday we discussed the issue of eating bread and dairy.  She has not eaten either of these food groups for several years, because she had reactions to it.  She now wonders if it was because she was eating unhealthy wheat and dairy products.  She said now that she is really reading labels, she is seeing that her “gluten free” products have ingredients that are not healthy, and her diary free yogurt is full of junk.  I told her it was highly possible that the reason she is reacting to wheat and dairy is because of the unhealthy processing of those products could be causing her to react to them.

She wants to give it a try again but wasn’t sure how to proceed.  I shared with her that she should take it slow.  Try these food groups a little at a time so she can know that if her body reacts, she will know what food it specifically was.  I also recommended she look for a local farmer that doesn’t homogenize their dairy and has a process of low pasteurization.  Of course, raw diary would be best but raw diary is hard to find.  I sent her a link of farmers in her area.  She was excited because there was a raw dairy farmer near her.

Well then yesterday evening she sent me a message.  She was confused.  Her message said, “It’s so confusing because you read one thing and it says all dairy even organic is bad and then you read another article that says you should be eating it.  I just get so confused on what I’m doing and what I should be doing.”

She is so on target.  It is confusing.  But it doesn’t need to be.  This was my response to her.  “Honey that’s the health industry.  There are over 100 different dietary theories out there.  I know because I have the list.  They make is so hard, but this is how I look at it.”  I then proceeded to list the following points.

  • I choose to eat food as close to how God made it.
  • I make everything from scratch.
  • I don’t eat processed foods.
  • I listen to my body. If a certain food affected me, I would avoid it.  For me there are really no foods that affect me.
  • I DO NOT believe in removing whole food groups from our diet. Obviously, if something affects you don’t eat it.  But then get to the root of why it’s affecting you.  To intentionally leave a whole food group out is not giving your body the best health it needs.
  • Lastly, I trust the Holy Spirit to guide me. I know that may be weird or strange to some, but I take this seriously and have been guided by the Lord many, many times to much success.

I hope these points shed some light for you.   If you are confused about how to restock your pantry with foods that nourish your body to bring health, then don’t stay there.  Being confused is not a healthy place to be either.

Remember you are what you eat!

Don’t let the Health Industry bring you confusion.  Eating can be simple.  We just make it hard.

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Blessings and love,

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in yo