Let Food Be Your Medicine!

There’s a saying that goes … “Let Food Be Your Medicine!”

Does that mean you shouldn’t ever take a medication again?  Absolutely not.  But how about if incorporating whole, real food into your diet will help with an illness or medical condition that you currently have or that you begin to feed your body with those foods to help “prevent” these or other dis-eases to come upon you.  Then once you are healed, you can hopefully remove the medication from your daily intake.

Here’s a great chart put together by Natural News.  Look at the medical issues and see if you are currently dealing with any of them.  Then begin incorporating those foods that are known to help with healing.  Let food begin to be your medicine.


Would you like to incorporate more whole, real food into your diet but feel overwhelmed on how to get started?  I understand.  I learned how to make these changes over the past number of years.  I made mistakes along the way, but I have learned from those mistakes.  Let me take what I’ve learned and help you make those changes in your food choices.  Let me help you let “Food Be Your Medicine!”

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