MSG and Deceiving Ingredients

I remember 20+ years ago when my 18-month-old son was dealing with “night terrors.”   The pediatrician told me that it was normal and he would out grow it.  Yikes.  You’re kidding … right?  He’ll out grow it?  Well when … tonight?  (Still amazed that physicians say things like that.) Well after some pray and research, I discovered the Feingold Diet. …

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Bird’s Eye View … where intuition meets logic.

Hope you doing well and that you are getting exciting about Spring.  I think Spring is my favorite season.  Then I like the Fall.  But Spring truly makes me feel life is coming back to me after a long winter. I’m getting excited about getting outside to my gardens.  I have much work to do this year as the moles…

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Untreated Stress

What is the definition of stress?  Stress is basically how our body responds to change.  This change can be good or can be difficult. Sometimes I feel my level of stress rise up when I’m getting ready to travel and go on a vacation.  As I am organizing, packing and preparing for my trip, there is a level of stress…

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Vital Nutrients For Your Body

In order for our body to maintain a level of health, we need to take in specific nutrients daily.  We can take them via supplements.  But getting them from food is the best.  With that being said, we need to be sure the food that we eat daily is not tainted with pesticides and herbicides.  If it is, you are…

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10 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Food can affect your emotions and your moods.  Studies are showing that our gut is our first brain and if we suffer from depression and/or anxiety, one of the things we should look at is what we are eating.  Processed foods would be a big NO.  Sugar would be a big NO.  Fresh “real” food is what your gut needs…

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Essential Oils for Sleep!

You have probably heard over and over how important sleep is for you and that when you don’t get enough sleep your body could not … Heal itself Detox itself Regenerate its cells Give your body the rest it needs Clear your mind Strengthen your immune system … just to name a few. But what do you do when sleep…

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Vlog – Understanding CV

This might be the most important documentary you watch right now.  There is a problem and that it seems to keep getting deleted on YouTube and Vimeo.  Very disappointing but censorship is high and free speech is being muffled.  Hopefully it will stay on the current site for a while.  A must watch. It’s important to understand all aspects of…

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25 Lifestyle Tips

Making changes in our life can feel overwhelming.  We can look at our life and think there is so much to change.  How do I even begin?  Or you may not feel well about your life but you can’t put your finger on just want can be wrong and what needs to change.  Well here are some ideas to help…

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Vlog – Building Your Immune System #7

What will help to drain your lymphatic system, help relieve stress and help build your immune system? Listen to this video to help you understand.

Vlog – Building Your Immune System #6

Adding supplements to “support” your immune system is sometimes needed. First be sure you’ve changed your diet and life style to support your immune system, then consider adding supplements. Which ones? Check out this video