We definitely live in a time where it can seem so confusing as to what is safe and healthy to eat, put on our body or clean our homes with.  There is such an agenda out there to deceive us into believing chemicals are good for us.  That agenda is for their purpose and their profits and not the health of we the people.

Years ago, when I got into the health and wellness arena, I would purchase my organic foods from companies whose mission and heart was to give the people good healthy food, body care and household cleaning products.  They were products and companies that we could fully trust; or so I thought.

They sold out!!

But now the sad thing is these companies sold out.  They sold out, literally, to Big Grocery conglomerates.  They sold their companies to these big Grocery Products companies that had no interest in the organic way of life, otherwise they would not have chemicalized their products.  So, can we trust these companies that sold out and are now owned by companies that have really no interest in health?  In my opinion, only with eyes wide open.

Dave what did you do?

I was sad to read that about Dave’s Organic Bread.  His heart and his mission for starting his company was so beautiful.  After serving time in prison and beginning a fresh start, was Dave’s goal for his company.  It was also his goal in helping others.  Dave would hire those who served time in jail to give them a fresh start.  But over time, I noticed Dave’s Organic Bread had begun using canola oil.  I was surprised but when I found out he “sold out” his company to the owners of Wonder Bread it all made sense.  Read this quote from an article written by Cynthia Phillips.

Here’s the Link for the full article

Good gosh what is one to do?

These companies we once thought we could trust are owned by Big Grocery who only care about profits.  The don’t have the same standards as the organic companies and it’s concerning as to whether the organic company will uphold the same standards now being owned by a conventional one.

Buying our food can be very disheartening and leaves us questioning what to do.  Well, my answer, as always, is cook from scratch as much as possible.  Make your own meals, desserts, and snacks.  This way you know the ingredients that are going into each recipe, and you don’t need to be weary of how the FDA let’s these companies deceive us.  To read more, click here!

Here is a chart showing who owns organic companies you have been trusting.

Also below are two links that show organic products you may use and who actually owns the Companies.



But the good news is, there are organic companies that haven’t sold out.  Their heart and their passion are to of course make money but also to provide customers with safe products for their well-being.

Listed below are several organic companies that haven’t “sold out” to other Big Grocery Companies.  But as always, read your labels to be sure you understand the ingredients in everything you are purchasing and feeding to your family or putting on your body.

If you would like some help in understanding this very confusing path, please reach out.  I’m just a phone call away.  We can do a detox of your kitchen, pantry and laundry room to ensure your home is safe.  Click here to connect with me.

This is important to understand!

Understand that chemicals you put in your body, on your body and clean your home with can be affecting your emotional healing process.  These chemicals can throw off your hormones, upset your gut health and bring on or contribute to stress, anxiety and depression.  It can be hard enough to get past those emotional imbalances from prior trauma.  But don’t add to those emotional by letting chemicals into your body or your home that just strengthen those emotional imbalances.

Blessings and courage.

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

Can We Trust Organic Companies?