Your Skin is a Great Barometer of Your Health!

Understanding that your skin is the largest organ of your body will perhaps help you look at what might be happening on your skin differently.  When your body internally may be shutting down or having health issues, you may not know it until it is progressed to dis-ease and effecting internal organs.  But your organ, the skin, is very revealing and can perhaps be giving you early signals

What was my rash about?

Several years ago dealing with a rash on my face that was very disturbing for me.  I have no health issues other than getting an occasional cold sore and the past few years those cold sores have been non-existent.  I’ve had cold sores since I was a child and let me tell you they can be annoying.  My mother had them and she must have kissed me when she had a sore and she spread the virus.  Back then they didn’t understand the contagiousness of this virus.

Well, this one day I developed like a little sore or pimple outside my nose.  I thought it was a cold sore and was very upset that now there was a new place for one to pop up and I tried everything I could to stop it.  It was getting worse and spreading on my upper lip.  I turned to my Essential Oils and made a mixture.  It would seem like it was working but then just come back.  Each time it seemed worse.

I finally relented and went to the walk-in clinic.

I have to say the P.A. was not very competent and I was not impressed.  He told me I had impetigo … from “picking my nose.”  I was stunned.  Are you kidding me?  I did not believe I had impetigo but thought ok maybe he knows more than me!!  He gave me a prescription for a bacterial cream but also gave me a sample.  I was grateful for the sample because I tried the sample before filling the prescription.  It did nothing so I didn’t have to spend the money on a prescription.  I went back to the walk-in and saw another P.A.  She said it wasn’t impetigo, gave me its name (one that they give when they have no specific diagnosis) and prescribed a cream and she also wanted me to follow up with a dermatologist.  The cream was great.  The rash went away completely.  BUT when I stopped the cream, it came back.  So again, I applied the cream.  Boom all gone.  Stopped the cream it came back even worse.  Ugh I couldn’t believe this.

So, I relented again and made an appointment with the Dermatologist. The Dermatologist did tell me I did in fact did have the diagnosis the 2nd P.A. gave me but the cream she gave me did make it go away but when you stopped it, it came back worse.  I said, “And why didn’t the P.A. know this?”  The dermatologist told me to stop the cream immediately and she wanted to put me on a 6-8 week round of antibiotics.  I said, “Are you crazy (literally said that to her)?  Do you know what that many antibiotics will do to my gut?”

No Way!  Not doing antibiotics!

I had already been that route 40 years ago when I had Salmonella food poisoning and was bagged IV antibiotics for a week as I was hospitalized.  There was no way I was going to do that again to my body.  She gave me a mild antibiotic cream which I was willing to try for a short period of time.

I left that office so frustrated as I felt traditional medicine was not helping me. So, I prayed and asked the Father what was the problem?  He gave me the answer (not sure why I waited so long to pray about it).  I prayed, “Lord what is going on here?  I’ve tried everything in my human knowledge I know to do.  I’ve now gone to 3 medical professionals, and I don’t like any of their answers.  What is the answer?  You know.  I know you know.”  It was like a light bulb went off.  The answer was simple.  I heard clearly as I had a gut issue.  A leaky gut from all the stress of caring for two elderly parents and running my business.  When you have leaky gut all the nutrients from the food you are eating is permeating through your gut lining into your blood stream.  Your blood stream is not meant to have food nutrients in it.  Hence, a rash.

That’s when I purchased Dr. Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive.

Within about 7 days there was major improvement.  By two weeks the rash was completely gone.  I did a 30-day round of it and decided to do another 30 days.  The rash was completely healed, and I’ve never had a problem again.

Understand that what is happening on your skin is just a symptom of what is going on internally.  This is a great Chart from Dr. Myers about skin issues and their probable cause.

I’m also sending you a link to an article she wrote.  It’s very informative and very helpful.

Here’s the Link to her article.

Are you dealing with skin issues?  Then let’s talk.  No, I’m not a physician.  Just a Health Coach with common sense and with the understanding of how important your gut health is to your emotional and physical health.  Click this link so we can connect.  Let’s connect!

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