Sweeteners in Our Food!

As I move along on giving you strategies for building a strong and robust immune system, I would be neglect if I didn’t talk about sweeteners.  It’s a hard subject because sweeteners are such a main staple to our diet and a “sweet one” at that.  But a diet high in sugar is damaging to […]

What Are You Holding Onto?

Emotions play a strong part in the stability of your Immune System.  When we try to make changes to our health, well-being and lifestyle there can be emotions that we hold onto.   These emotions could prevent us from having success in our attempt to live in peace, joy and health. Take a few minutes […]

Healthy Living for a Robust Immune System

Creating a strong and robust Immune System is something we all need to be intentional about.  Having a strong Immune System will fight viruses or bacteria more than taking chemical injections or medications.  But strengthening our Immune System involves more than the food we eat.  Learn how to have a “Fresh Start” in making those […]