IHOP: Is Your Church a Safe Place?

The church is to be a safe place.  It is to be a place where love, encouragement, fellowship, spiritual growth and healing is supposed to occur yet in many churches there is abuse at all levels.  What has been released about IHOP (The International House of Prayer) is completely disturbing and I pray these women […]

How Do I Live in Peace?

One of the most asked questions is … “How do I live in peace?”  The world around us seems to be falling apart.  Our economy is a mess, groceries are so expense.  Gas is out of control.  It seems that we are being prepared for yet another round of fear being released for a virus […]

The Perfect Promise!

There is a perfect promise that Father God wants us to take a hold of so we can have victory in our adversarial situations.  Take a listen to this Podcast and hear how I took hold of this promise and applied it in a few adversarial issues in my life and had complete success.  The […]

Are You Desperate For Change?

Many times, in our state of frustration we express our desire for change only to find that we are easily swayed back into our old ways. We may think that we’ve reached our limits and we are ready to move into another direction but find that the pit we are in can still pull us […]

What Are You Grounded In?

So many of us are searching for a feeling.  We want that mountaintop experience, so we run from spiritual event to spiritual event.  I’ve been there and have done that for a number of years.  Many times I’d go to these events and have that mountaintop experience.  It was exhilarating.  But you know what?  When […]