Serenity Essential Oil Gives You Balance!

I have only a few more oils to present for Balancing emotions.  Then we will move into Essential Oils that help you “Focus.”  However, what I have today to discuss is Serenity Essential Oil.  Serenity will create a beautiful, restful environment at bedtime. Great to Diffuse I diffuse this oil every other night.  One night […]

Lavender Essential Oil Is a Must for Calming Emotions!

  Today the Essential Oil I want to focus on for emotional well-being is going to be about Lavender.  Lavender Essential Oil is an excellent oil for Balancing your emotions. This Essential Oil was my first to start! Lavender Essential Oils was the oil I started with.  I did not like it initially but I […]

Our Body Wants to Be Healthy – Looking at Emotions!

Don’t let your emotional imbalances ruin your body.  Our bodies have been designed and created to heal itself by the most incredible designer.  Just think about getting a cut.  Our body knows what do to do to bring healing to that cut.  Well, our body, your body wants to heal itself of any and all […]

Weekly Drops of Wisdom – doTerra Lavender Essential Oil

The 3 Essential Oils should be in every home and I am going to discuss our last oil — doTerra’s Lavender Essential Oil. Prior message I discussed the beauty of doTerra’s Lemon Essential Oil.  I also discussed doTerra Peppermint Essential Oil.  If you didn’t read those messages, you can click these links and glean that […]

Getting Started with Essential Oils!

After working for a number of years as a Professional Organizer, I have found that there are so many factors that are affecting people’s health … not just the clutter they are living or working in.  Many have had past trauma which resulted in emotional imbalances.  These emotional imbalances led to stress, anxiety and depression. […]

Are You a Glad Plug-In User or a User of Febreze?

Since many people love to smell a fragrance in their home, there is nothing like the smell of cloves, ginger and cinnamon in the fall; or the smell of pine in the winter. Even the fragrance of fresh lemon or wild orange in the summer can be lovely. We love to have those fragrances fill […]