Two Ways to Care for Your Skin

Last week I talked about the importance of understanding that our skin is our largest organ and that our skin tells us much about our gut health.  It is a great barometer of our overall health.  If you didn’t have a chance to read about that topic, here is the link to read.  Our Skin […]

Can We Trust Organic Companies?

We definitely live in a time where it can seem so confusing as to what is safe and healthy to eat, put on our body or clean our homes with.  There is such an agenda out there to deceive us into believing chemicals are good for us.  That agenda is for their purpose and their […]

Peace Essential Oil Brings Balance!

Yes Peace Brings Balance!  Our next Essential Oil for Balancing emotions is called PEACE.  The name says it all. How to Use PEACE You can diffuse at nighttime to help your body relax from a stressful day or you can apply one drop to your hands and inhale it deeply.  Even applying a drop or […]

Melissa Essential Oil Is More Than You Think!

Melissa Essential Oil is our next oil for Balancing your emotions.  It is a very powerful oil for calming your tension, but it also is great for virus issues. One thing I’ve dwelt with since I was a child is cold sores.  I believe I got it from my mom because she suffered from them […]

Do You Buy Your Supplements on Amazon?

Recently my son warned me about purchasing an External Hard Drive (EHD) on Amazon.  He said he watched a video on how there are people out there creating main brand looking EHDs and being deceptive on the size of the storage.  For example, they sell one as having 2 TB of storage, but it only […]

Our Body Wants to Be Healthy – Looking at Emotions!

Don’t let your emotional imbalances ruin your body.  Our bodies have been designed and created to heal itself by the most incredible designer.  Just think about getting a cut.  Our body knows what do to do to bring healing to that cut.  Well, our body, your body wants to heal itself of any and all […]

Four Steps to Turn Your Health Around!

Today I want to discuss with you some steps you can take to turn your health around.  Are these the only steps that should be taken?  Not necessarily but taking these steps will encompass much to help bring you positive results.  What are the steps? Step #1 – Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself […]

Sweater Weather Diffuser Blend!

For those of us up North, it is still sweater weather.  Some days are warmer than others and as far as Connecticut is concerned, we’ve had a very mild winter.  AND I am not complaining. This new Diffuser Blend is lovely, and I hope you give it a try!  Juniper Berry has a woodsy, piney […]

100 Uses for Essential Oils PDF!

Using Essential Oils, I believe, is a great way to support health and healing for your body.  I’ve received inquiries about understanding Essential Oils on a greater level.  Soon I will be creating some Webinars on Essential Oils but until they are completed, I’m providing you with some helpful information. Essential Oils is a great […]

Brrr … Essential Oils Diffuser Blend to Warm that Chill in the Air!

Do you feel a chill from the cold weather these days?  Consider diffusing these Essential Oils to warm up your environment. You have two oils that support strong brain health … Rosemary and Frankincense.  Cedarwood and Douglas Fir will remind you of the outdoors.  They are calming and grounding. I think you will enjoy this […]