Do You Buy Your Supplements on Amazon?

Recently my son warned me about purchasing an External Hard Drive (EHD) on Amazon.  He said he watched a video on how there are people out there creating main brand looking EHDs and being deceptive on the size of the storage.  For example, they sell one as having 2 TB of storage, but it only has 500 MB.  What they are doing is allowing the backup to happen but then when you go to do a second back up it actually is writing over the prior one.  So, you may think you are backing up your information time and time again, but you really are only having the latest backup.

I did buy an EHD but not from Amazon.  I purchased it from Staples who buys directly from the manufacturer.  But it got me to thinking about what I do purchase on Amazon and one of those items is supplements.

Now I get most of my supplements from  but there are some supplements they do not carry, and I was able to find them on Amazon.  But now my red flag went up and I felt cautioned as to whether I should continue.

There is one Brand I appreciate getting on Amazon because the physician I purchase it from is in California.  By the time I place the order and pay for shipping, it takes some time for me to receive it.  By purchasing it from Amazon I can get it the next day and pay no shipping.  But is next day and no shipping worth it if the product is being tampered with or falsely created?  Well, this is the key. 

This product below is what I was purchasing on Amazon.  I like Dr. Amen’s Omega 3s.  Dr. Amen is in California.  One day I was discussing with his customer service department the lengthy time it was taking me to receive it.  She told me they have an Amazon store and that I could purchase it on Amazon.  I decided to give it a try.  But after my son told me about the deceptive EHD issue I was skeptical as to whether I should continue.

Purchasing on Amazon can be ok but this is what you need to look for.  In the image below you will notice that under the name of the supplement you will see “Visit the BRAINMD STORE.”  This means that this product is sold by Dr. Amen at his Amazon Store.  That is key.

When purchasing anything (especially supplements) you want to be sure it’s the manufacturer selling the product and not being sold by a 3rd party.  Finding that out resolved my concern and caution with purchasing my supplements on Amazon.

Now I do love purchasing my supplements also from  and as I said that is my first choice.  They carry much in the way of variety but from time to time you don’t find everything you want.  I also purchase my body care products from Vitacost and with a $49 purchase you get free shipping.  It’s not hard to get to $49 for supplements and body care products.  And they even sell food.  I do save a lot by ordering this way.

I hope this helped shed some light for you regarding your supplements and the safe way to purchase them if you choose to go the Amazon way.  We always need to know where supplements are coming from, who manufacturers them and can you trust them.  This chart below might shed some light on where your supplements come from.  It may surprise you.

Be blessed, be encouraged and be healthy.  Remember, if you need support, love and coaching, I’m here for you.  Whether you need a quick 30-minute tune-up or weekly support, I am here.

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