So many times, I want to shout from the roof top warning people about the foods they eat.  I cannot stress it enough that what the food industry has done to our food supply is literally killing us.  Yes, literally killing us.  Is it a slow death?  Yes, but for some it can happen faster.

Processed foods in the USA started around WWII.  War destroys on so many levels and our food are one of them.  With men having to go out and defend our country, many women had to go to work to support their families.  Taking care of their home, their children and working was tough, so the food industry had a supposed “brilliant” idea of making cooking easier.  Boxed food products, canned good and frozen food was developed.  But to have a sustainable shelf life, preservatives were added.  Then chemicals were used in place of the real deal and now we have toxic food.

Yes, war is destructive on all levels … and sadly many times it’s all purposefully planned!

Someone I follow is a woman by the name of Vani.  She is also known as Food Babe … a name given to her by her husband when she started her research on ingredients in foods.  Vani digs deep to uncover what the food industry is putting in our food and goes after them with lawsuits.  She has found that the ingredients in various food products made for the USA is full of toxic chemicals, yet that same product made for other countries is not.

One must ask why the USA is trying to poison the people.

I love this statement below from one of Vani’s Blog posts.  Check out the 3rd paragraph.  It’s quite disturbing.

Does this outrage you?

I hope so.  We the people need to rise and say NO MORE!  How can we fight this monstrous entity because sometimes it feels like there is no hope?  But there is hope and a way to bring them down is by not buying and eating their products.  We can close them down by causing their profits to plummet.  We don’t necessarily need legislation or bills to be written and passed.  Because frankly the politicians are in bed with these companies and would never vote on a bill against them.

So, friends take a look in your pantry.  Is it full of boxed or canned goods?  I’m not suggesting that you are to be 100% free of them.  I do purchase cans of organic crushed tomatoes or tomato paste.  I do have boxes of organic pasta.  But when I purchase cans I purchase cans that are not lined with BPA and pasta that has a few ingredients and  I know what they are.

I’m talking more about having a box of meals like Mac & Cheese, Hamburger Helper, Lunchables, cans of soup, frozen TV dinners, frozen desserts and the list could go on.

My desire is to enlighten you to what is happening in our food industry to help you change your ways.  Care enough about yourself and your family that you don’t want to be poisoned any longer.

If you have young children, PLEASE don’t start them on processed foods.

I was so diligent with my first child.  She had no junk the first 4 years of her life and then daycare happened, and school happened where she had friends that had birthday parties serving cake with blue dyed frosting, M&Ms and other chemical ridden food. As much as I tried to protect her from it, it was hard.

Could these chemicals be causing your illnesses or dis-eases?  I challenge you to remove junk food, processed food and sugar from your diet for 30 days and see what a difference it will make to your diet.  If that feels overwhelming, then reach out for help.  There is no shame in needing help and having someone guide, encourage and love you to health.

If now is not the time, then when?  Don’t put it off much longer.

Blessings, love and encouragement!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!


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What Goes in Our Food Should Not Be Taken Lightly!