What is fact vs truth in receiving healing from trauma?  Receiving healing from trauma can be a hard journey for many and not one we should have to endure in life.  One of the problems we face is undoing all the lies we’ve believed and the belief systems we’ve adapted.  And one of those belief systems are:  Whose Hand Can You Trust?  Whose hand can you trust?  Such a simple question but at times it can be complex.  You may have had many tragic things happen in your life at the hands of those you thought you could trust.  Those betrayals have potentially caused you to vow that “you will now take care of yourself.”  And we need to be so careful of making vows.  But there is One who is the best care giver and it’s His Hand that we need to trust … not even our own.

Take a listen to this new Podcast to understand there is a hand we can trust and one that will never harm you again.

Podcast- What is Fact vs Truth in Receiving Healing from Trauma?

Fact vs Truth in Receiving Healing from Trauma?