Does Your Trauma Own You?  That might seem like a very bizarre question but go with me here.  Trauma affects each of us differently.  What may affect one person adversely can be no big deal to another.  But for those times when trauma adversely affects you and it goes unhealed and left to percolate in your body or mind like the older percolated coffee pots, it can bring much harm to your body.

What do emotional imbalances cause?

Studies show that 85 – 90% of dis-eases are because of emotional imbalances.  One type of emotional imbalance can be unhealed trauma.  Sadly, what happens is that trauma will just get stuffed down in our heart and soul and we hold onto the lie that “time heals all wounds.”  That is not necessarily true.  Time doesn’t always heal all wounds.  Time just causes the wounds to settle or fade somewhere in your body to only get triggered and begin to bleed again at some unexpected provocation.

This became apparent to me years ago when I was married to my husband.  We would have a fight and it wasn’t necessarily a biggie (and believe me we had big ones) but I noticed there were times when I would get overtly angry over an issue.  You know angrier than the fight warranted.  I finally got to a point where I would ask the Lord what was going on.  Why was I giving my husband 115% of my anger when it only deserved 50% of my anger.

God is faithful!

As faithful as God is and always answers prayer, He began to show me that this particular fight was triggering something inside of me that was unhealed.  I then just got quiet and asked the Lord to heal that issue and He did.  Immediately, I began to feel the weight lifted off me and the angst in my heart was gone toward my husband.  It was then I was able to approach him to resolve this minor issue.  Actually, one time when this happened where I got overly angry over something and asked the Lord what it was about, He showed me the specific issue it was triggering. I asked Him to heal that issue and within a few minutes my husband came into the room and apologized.  Apologies were not a regular diet with my husband.

If I didn’t have the wisdom to seek a reason why I was feeling such anger the way I did, that old trauma would have continued to own me.  I would have let that current issue take residence in me and it would have compounded the pain inside to then get triggered again when another issue arose.

I walked in tremendous anger

Years ago, when I was a young believer, I walked in tremendous anger.  Again, more than any situation deserved.  As a Christian I knew this wasn’t good nor was it healthy.  I sought some help as I heard about a program called Seven Steps to Freedom in Jesus Christ.  I couldn’t find anyone who was trained to walk me through the program, but I had 3 beautiful believing friends that offered to pray over me.

What a beautiful time it was.  Beautiful because I was finally got to the root of my anger, but the process was anything but beautiful.  I questioned for years as to whether I was sexually abused, and this was the time the Lord believed I could handle the truth.  At one point, as I laid on the coach in a fetal position, I felt like I was going out of my mind as the truth flooded me.  I felt like they were going to have to call an ambulance to take me away because I was an emotional mess.

God won’t leave you bound

But my friends were not worried (at least they didn’t show it) and they continued in prayer.  God was faithful as He did not want to leave me in that place.  He wanted me free and free I got.  As they continued to pray, one friend got up and blew the Shofar, and I had a “spiritual vomit”.  The pain came out of my body.  I was free.  It was amazing.  All I could do was keep touching my face and saying, “the mask, it’s gone.”

I didn’t know what the mask was, but I knew it was gone and I was free.  Over the course of the next few years, I had two more occasions when I received another level of healing from my abuse, but I can say that today I am completely free.  That trauma does not own my life anymore.

What about you?  Is there something that keeps popping up in your life and it’s not really making sense why?  Could it be a past trauma that is settled deep inside that stays quiet until it doesn’t?  Don’t stay there.  Don’t let your past trauma own you.  The Father wants you free.

In the next few days, I will release my new Coaching Program called Transform Trauma into Peace!  Details will follow shortly.

Remember “who the Son sets free is free indeed!”  Be free.  That’s my heart for you.

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

Does Your Trauma Own You?