Structure gives you Freedom!  This statement may be hard to comprehend because when we think of “Freedom” we think of being able to do what we want when we want with no restrictions, hinderances or limitations.  But actually, that is the reverse of having freedom.

Freedom embodies something deeper than we think.  There really isn’t freedom in doing what we want when we want because the looseness of that can bring us into many different venues of complicating what is already complicated in our life.

What do I mean?

Let’s say you experienced much hardship or trauma in your life, and you just want to run away and be free with no one telling you what to do or when to do it.  That desire can have you on a path of leading you to more bondages because you see if those hardships or past traumas are still “active” in your body, the choices you make can just add more pain into your life.  You would not be making decisions based on wholeness and healing.

I know for myself in my early years I did things I would not consider doing now.  Things like venturing down paths that I would not give a second thought to traveling on now.  Having friends that might be a “nice acquaintance” now but not people I would consider currently as close. Structure was in my life as I was growing up.  I knew right from wrong, and I knew they right way to live my life that would be pleasing to God.  But because of the unhealed trauma I experienced, I wanted that “freedom.”  I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted.

Mistakes I made!

So, I left home probably earlier than I should have.  I was not in a good financial place to be on my own, but I wanted that freedom.  That freedom caused much financials hardships in my life.  I made decisions that I believe by the Grace of God kept me safe and unharmed any further.  Thinking I knew how to do life better, I created further hardships in my life that took years to undue and heal.

I made bad choices in relationships because I just wanted to feel loved and cared for.  But my freedom led me down a path of a VERY difficult and painful marriage.  One that was incredibly costly to get out of and one that put a lot of pain on my children.

Am I saying freedom is bad?  Absolutely not!  What I am saying is walking in freedom with structure from the one who has the guidelines and truth for life will give you more freedom than you could ever imagine.

That’s what my Transform Trauma in Peace Coaching Program is about.  I want you to be free and walk in the freedom of living well but with structure.  Here’s another example.  You want the freedom to go to bed when you want and if you want.  If you feel you want to be up all-night partying, then you and take the freedom but you must be aware of the consequences that “freedom” will have on your body.  Consistently, walking in that “freedom” will just put you into a bondage of dis-ease and there is NO freedom in dis-ease.

Be careful with your freedom.

Be sure there is structure around it.  Structure will keep you safe and well.

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Structure gives you Freedom!