My purchase of dairy has changed over the years.  For the past 10-12 years I only purchased “organic” dairy but was very disappointed when I realized that the organic milk I was purchasing was “ultra-pasteurized.” Why did “ultra-pasteurized” milk concern me?  Because milk that is heated to over 280 degrees (ultra-pasteurized) has removed all nutritional value from it.  Ugh I was not happy, especially because I had found one brand that raised their cattle “grass-fed.”  The value of having grass-fed cattle was negated by ultra-pasteurizing the milk.  So, I was paying for “grass-fed” but got no nutritional value from my milk.


What was I to do?  Well with a little digging, I found a local farmer that did not homogenize their milk (which means the cream comes to the top … yum) and they do low heat pasteurization (140 degrees).  Now that’s where I get my milk but had to go to another farmer in another town to get my half and half … which I like in my coffee.  I like half and half in my coffee and a dab of milk in my English Breakfast tea.  Going to the two farms for my diary was working ok for me, but I really wanted to try raw milk.  The problem was the farmer who sells raw milk was far from me.


Well recently, I discovered a small market in the same town that I purchase my milk from that sells raw milk.  Yes!!!  I was happy.

Now mind you the raw milk was not inexpensive, but I didn’t mind because now I can use this for my coffee and not have to go to another farmer to get my half and half.  Raw milk is so rich, thick and tasty and did I say healthy.

Many people shy away from raw milk, but I believe we’ve been sold a bill of goods regarding it just like we have been sold a bill of goods regarding other foods we eat.  I’m a broken record when I say this but “let’s get back to God’s design for food and not what these profit driven companies and the tyranny of our Government say.”


Here’s some facts about “real, raw milk” Click here for your reference.  Know that RAW MILK IS HEALTHY.  Read about:

  • Good News for Allergies
  • Protection from Infection
  • Milk as Medicine
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Raw Milk Baby Formula
  • Testimonials

I don’t really drink milk solely anymore but use it for cooking and of course my coffee and tea.

If you want to understand the Policies and Economics of Raw Milk and why it was taken off the market, click on this link Click here!

I hope this message sheds a little light on dairy and that you might do a little research yourself.  Check on the milk you have in your refrigerator and see if it’s “ultra-pasteurized.”  If yes then  consider finding a brand that is not.   The best of best is going to a local farmer that treats their cattle without hormones, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my email.  I hope it enlightens you in areas that you were not aware of.

Blessings and love,

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

What Are Your Thoughts on Raw Milk?