Is Your Body Building Up in Mercury?

I remember back in 2015 when I was dealing with intense levels of insomnia and unexplained anxiety, I decided to give Essential Oils a try.  Medications are always a last resort for me.  Although I did find relief on some level, my sleep was still not where I wanted it nor where it should be, and my anxiety was still present (even though at a lesser degree).

My next step was to go to my Naturopathic Doctor for some deeper medical work.  She ordered some blood work on me and said with my permission she wanted to test me for Mercury poisoning.  I was a little shocked and asked her why.  She said that she has had a number of patients coming in with the same symptoms and she wondered if I was dealing with Mercury poisoning.  So, I approved the test.

I was dumbfounded with the results!

When the results came in, I was dumbfounded and very concerned.  Our normal amounts of mercury in our system should basically be 0.  I had 24 micrograms of mercury free floating in my blood.  Now the very disturbing thing was I had no idea how long that mercury was in my blood.  Eventually what happens is the Mercury starts to penetrate your organs AND can get past your blood brain barrier and begin to affect your brain.

She immediately put me on a detox program with supplements and natural things like olive oil and fresh squeezed lemons each morning.  She wanted me back in a month.  I said “No!” I do not want to wait that long to see if the detox was working.  So, I came back in 2 weeks.  I was tested and my blood levels of mercury were down to 11 micrograms.  It was working.  Thankfully, I did fully detox the mercury out of my blood.  Had any affected my organs?  I don’t know but right now I have no medical conditions so I’m believing it hasn’t.

Grateful for my Naturopath

I was so grateful for my Naturopath because she wanted to get to the root of these symptoms that were not good.  Should I have chosen to go to a Traditional Medicine Doctor I would have been given sleeping pills and some anti-anxiety medications and never have known that I had mercury poisoning.

How did I get poisoned?  I don’t fully know but I made some assumptions.  At that time, I was eating a lot of swordfish and fresh tuna.  Both are high in Mercury.  I was also eating a lot of Sushi.  During my detox I stayed away from those fishes and frankly have not gone back to eating them.  I did try sword fish last summer and for a few days took some supplements to help detox any Mercury I may have received, but I have just chosen to stay away from these fishes as much as I love them.

How is Mercury in Fish Categorized?

According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, this is how they categorize Mercury in fish.  I obtained a card from Whole Foods Fish department educating me on this.



This was a guide by the Department of Health for women and children!

My body has a harder time detoxing a chemical out naturally.  So, it’s best for me to just avoid these fishes that are high in mercury.

Are there other ways you can get Mercury poisoning?

Yes, there are, but fish is the most common way.  Some other ways are being exposed to a broken thermometer or light bulb that contains mercury.  Also, if your dentist still uses the silver amalgams, it contains mercury.  Many dentists will deny this, but I beg to differ.

Some other symptoms of mercury poisoning are:

  1. tremors
  2. headaches
  3. difficulty sleeping.
  4. impaired sensations.
  5. muscle weakness and twitching.
  6. emotional changes (mood swings, irritability, nervousness)
  7. kidney damage.
  8. breathing difficulties.

Are you a big fish eater and a fish eater that contains high levels of mercury?  Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms in a very impactful way?  My recommendation would be to get to a Functional Medicine Doctor or a Naturopathic one so they can get to the bottom of your symptoms and find a remedy to remove them and not just put a band-aid on them.

I hope you found this information helpful and if you concerned about other food issues and would you like to chat, I’m here to help.  Schedule a 30-Minute Coaching call. My fee is only $49 for those 30 minutes.

Wishing you peace, love, joy and health!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!