Natural Bug Repellent with Essential Oil

As much as possible my first “go to” to treat or begin a healing process is something natural.  Essential Oils, for me, is on the top of the list.  I have a very hefty supply of oils and I use them all the time, whether to diffuse while working or sleeping, nip something coming on me or even taking gummy…

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Essential Oils – To Dilute or Not Dilute?

One of the biggest questions about using Essential Oils (EO) is whether you should dilute it or not with a Carrier Oil (CO)?  You might think that if you did dilute your EO, you are getting less of an effect from the oil.  Well according to Dr. David Hill from doTerra, that is not the case.  But there is a…

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Essential Oils for Sleep!

You have probably heard over and over how important sleep is for you and that when you don’t get enough sleep your body could not … Heal itself Detox itself Regenerate its cells Give your body the rest it needs Clear your mind Strengthen your immune system … just to name a few. But what do you do when sleep…

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12- Days of Change for Your Health

Recently, I heard that someone I know, and love has their cancer metastasized to another organ in their body.  I’m mad and angry that this ugly demon is making havoc in this person’s life.  I made some recommendations to have this person look to natural healing methods.  But was told they would not be open to other means for turning…

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Vlog – Building Your Immune System #7

What will help to drain your lymphatic system, help relieve stress and help build your immune system? Listen to this video to help you understand.

Weekly Drops of Wisdom – doTerra Rose Essential Oil

With Mother’s Day coming, do you need a special gift for that special person in your life? Then consider one of dōTERRA’s most sought after essential oils. Known as the “Queen of Oils”, dōTERRA’s Rose is one of the rarer essential oils. Due to the delicate bloom of the shrub, Rosa damascene, the labor-intensive production process takes more than 10,000…

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Vlog – Building Your Immune System – Video #2

When we are stressed and not sleeping, we are breaking down our immune system.  Eliminating stress can be hard but can be overcome.  Sleep is vitally important and you need to look at where you are with your sleep.  Get started.  I’m here to help. Click this link to spend some time chatting with me on how you can get…

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Lemon Berry Frozen Yogurt

Great recipe from

Weekly Drops of Wisdom – Wild Orange Essential Oil

Have you ever tried Wild Orange oil? What about any of the other citrus essential oils like Lemon, Lime, or Grapefruit? One of the best things about citrus oils is that they have a wide variety of uses. Within a single bottle of Wild Orange essential oil, there are dozens of possibilities. For instance, you can use Wild Orange essential oil for household…

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Weekly Drops of Wisdom – doTerra Oregano Essential Oil

Spice up your dinner with dōTERRA Oregano! Known as a common ingredient in Italian cuisine, Oregano oil is spicy and herbaceous, making it the perfect addition to your next meal. Besides being a popular ingredient, Oregano essential oil also acts as a powerful natural cleansing agent, an immune-boosting agent, and supports healthy digestion. When taken internally, Oregano essential oil can…

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