How many of you read the statement in this picture and answer with the number 4?  I believe I did the first time I saw it, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I had the wrong answer.

Read it again and take a few minutes to really read each word and be sure to understand the meaning of each word.

So, there are 5 Seagulls sitting on the fence and one of them decided to fly away.  But did the Seagull actually expand its wings and take off?  It doesn’t say that.  The statement says that the Seagull “decided.”  Now don’t get me wrong deciding is VERY important in life.  Many times, we are disgusted with things in our life and just wait for them to magically change, or we wait for someone else to make that change or worse we think it cannot change.

I lived with that thinking many years of my life because as one who experienced abuses as a child:

  • I didn’t know there was power in my no.
  • I didn’t feel I had the power to make a change.
  • I didn’t believe I even knew how to being making a change.
  • I actually lived in a paralyzed state of being.

You may also be ready to want a change and you may even have decided you wanted that change but you are still sitting on the fence.  I understand.  It can be hard to take that next step which means action.  But taking the next step is critical to your success.  It can be a baby step but it’s a step that needs to be taken.

You Need to Take the First Step

Once you’ve taken the first step, it becomes a little easier to take the next step and the next and the next.  Eventually you have reached your desired goal and have victory because you focused on each step and not the big picture.

There can be times in our life when we have a situation that we find it easy to not only decide to change but to put the change in process.  But then there can be other situations that just paralyze us.  They paralyze us in fear, uncertainty, confusion, false beliefs about ourselves, etc.

What are some of those areas in your life that need you to take the next step.  You’ve made the decision that you want change, but you have yet to take the first step.

Could it be:

  • You’ve wanted to change your eating habits but have not taken that first step.
  • Sleep has been difficult, and you want to find some “natural” ways to get your sleep in balance.
  • You want to find better ways to manage your health and not the cut, burn or poison way that traditional medicine brings us through.
  • You lack peace in your life, and it’s been missing for so long it almost has become your friend.
  • Your job has been so stressful, and you feel it’s not really what you are called to do but you feel stuck.
  • You don’t find peace in your home because of the clutter and disorganization, and you don’t know how to get started with a strategy to make it better.
  • You are not happy with what your children are experiencing in public school and want to implement homeschooling, but you don’t know how to begin nor feel competent enough.

All of these are issues that can be supported by my Coaching program.  I can teach you:

  • How to change your pantry to eat whole real food.
  • What changes need to be made to have good restorative sleep.
  • To make lifestyles changes so then your doctor can tell you to stop a medication or many of them.
  • To live a life of peace and joy.
  • Ways to discover what your destiny is and guide you to fulfill it.
  • A step-by-step plan to bring organization into your home and live clutter free.
  • That you are in fact competent to homeschool and with some guidance I can get you started.

Let me help you move from having decided to make a change to getting you to act.

You can do it but perhaps all you need is some love, support and encouragement.

I’m here for you.

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!

Deciding is Just the First Step!