Are you currently in circumstances that are difficult, troubling and overwhelming and you have been praying for God to take them away but to no avail?  Day after day you cry out to God, and nothing seems to change.  How about “renewing your mind” to what God may be doing through you.  Give this a try.  I just might be what you need!

As your difficult circumstances continue, perhaps God is saying, “I’m not the one to take away what is troubling you right now.  You need to be the one to take the step needed to change your circumstances.”  When we make that decision to begin to bring about change, we are empowered with His Grace to make it happen.

Do you need patience?

Are you in a place where you are feeling like you need more patience in your life to help you get through our trial?  Many times, when we pray about having more patience, we think it’s just going to zap down from heaven upon us and boom we now have patience.  Don’t be frustrated if you’ve been praying for patience and you are still not fully walking in it.  Perhaps the way to get patience is by walking through your trials and tribulations and letting your patience grow in those circumstances or experiences.  Patience develops as you practice walking in it through hard circumstances.  Once you “walked through” with success, patience just fills your life.

Don’t reside in depression!

When your trial or difficulty seems to linger, we can transition to a mode of depression.  So off we pray that God would take away our depression and fill us with happiness.  Yet nothing changes.  We daily walk with foreboding thoughts and negative feelings.  Well, how about this … perhaps God wants you to choose happiness.  God fills us with His blessings, but we must choose to be happy.  We must choose to be happy even if our circumstances are difficult.

Week after week, month after month those painful experiences are still part of our life.  I used to cry out to God for him to “take them away, stop them from coming.”  Ugh they didn’t always stop.  Perhaps what God was saying to me was “that when I suffer, it will draw me closer to Him” and do you know what?  It did.

Help me I feel empty!

Have you prayed that your spirit would grow deeper and deeper, yet you feel you are still “empty?”  Perhaps God is saying that we must grow our own spirits by spending time in His Word and in His presence.  When we do that, He will be the loving Father and prune away all that is dead in our life so that spiritual growth can happen, and the emptiness can go away.

How many of us pray to have enjoyable things in our life and yet life seems like a drudgery?  Perhaps the Father is saying, “I have already given life to you, now you go and enjoy all things.”  You might say, “I don’t feel like I have anything to enjoy.”   Well, how about starting with enjoying the very breath that you breathe and the sight that you have to see all the beauty the Father has created.  Did you hear the birds this morning?  Enjoy that.

Do you love others?

Lastly, do you pray for a stronger ability to love others … especially those who are difficult in your life and you still seem to walk in unforgiveness and strife?  Perhaps the Father is saying “Yes, this is the most important prayer you can pray.  Don’t stop!”

Friends, I hope these suggestions or recommendations will shed some light on your situations and help you to “renew your mind.”  Having a “renewed mind” is what will transform you into the place your heart desires to be.  Thinking God is a “Geni” in a bottle and will just zap us out of where we are will only bring frustration, fatigue and cause you to want to give up.  I know because I’ve been there.

Life was always so hard for me.  I spent endless energy just trying to “survive” when I was growing up.  I didn’t have the energy to make the changes I wanted in my life.  So, I just wanted God to zap me to a better place.  That didn’t happen but He did walk with me on my journey to wholeness.  He will do the same for you.

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

When it Seems Like God is Silent!