I remember the days when life was simple … do you?  I personally don’t know how old you are but I’m in my 60’s.  We played outside, rode our bikes all over the place, and ate food without worrying about toxins and chemicals.

I remember the milk man delivering raw milk and leaving it in the aluminum insolated milk box (more on diary in another email).  I also remember going to the farmer in town and getting our eggs.  We didn’t question whether the eggs where healthy or not because we just knew they were.

We Need PhDs to Understand Food

It seems now a days we need a PhD in nutrition to understand our foods and I’m not joking.  I’ve been reading food labels since the 1980s when I got salmonella food poisoning and was hospitalized.  I was extremely sick and was “bagged” IV antibiotics for days.  This was something I needed to get rid of the infection.  But on one hand it healed me, and the other it caused major problems down the road with my body.  Isn’t that like medicine these days … helps and hurts?

I was blessed to find an Integrative Medicine Doctor (very uncommon back in those days) and he got to the root of my issues.  He didn’t just give me a band-aid for relief.  The antibiotics destroyed my normal body flora and much needed bacteria in my body and my body was overgrown with yeast in a very bad way.

My Journey of Reading Labels.

He put me on a special diet, gave me probably probiotics and supplements.  Hence, this began my journey of reading labels.  That was over 40 years ago, and I have never stopped educating myself on our medical and food industry.  As much as our medical industry can help, I believe it does more to harm.

But let’s get back to eggs.  Now a days we need to be cautious about our eggs and where we purchase them from.  Since we all cannot have chickens on our own property, we need to buy our eggs from the grocery store and if we are fortunate enough, a local farmer.  There is so much deceptive marketing out there and it’s hard to know what truth is and what is not.

Let’s Unscramble Eggs!

I thought this chart below might give you some insight on all the different options of purchasing eggs from the grocery store.  The best place to shop is finding a local farmer, asking questions on his farming practices and if safe buy them from him.

But if you cannot find a local farmer, understanding this about eggs will prove to be helpful.

There is such a drastic difference from “Pasture-Raised” to “Cage-Free.”  I would say “free-range” and “cage-free” are just a marketing ploy to make you think you are getting healthy eggs.  You make the choice.  I always tell my clients you can pay now with higher food costs or pay later with medical bills.  It must be each an individual choice.  As Attorney Lin Wood says, “choose wisely.”

Happy egg hunting and as always, I’m here to help you get your health on track and your emotions in balance.

I’m glad we are connected, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and discoveries with you!

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!

How to Know Your Eggs!