Have you ever wondered how we moved from natural healing modalities to “petro” chemical medications?  We can thank Rockefeller for this change in Western Medicine.

One would hope that medicine is progressive and only gets better as we invest billions of dollars into research.  Sadly, on most counts it doesn’t.  Why are we becoming sicker and sicker as a Nation with all this research and dollars invested to “Stop …. (heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer, Autism, … you name the rest).”

I am not 100% opposed to medicine.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not 100% opposed to medicine.  What concerns me is our society is getting sicker … not healthier.

Where I think our medical industry far exceeds its place is in putting us back together.  If (God forbid) I got into an accident and my body was in pieces, I absolutely want the expertise of doctors to put me back together.

If I Had Health Issues …

But if I started having heart problems, cancer or my metabolic system was out of sorts, I do not want a traditional doctor to help me.  First, I’ll begin my research on my own to become educated on my condition.  Then I would find a Naturopathic Doctor or a Functional Medicine doctor to help me navigate healing with lifestyle changes, diet changes and perhaps some supplements.  I would want to get to the root of why this happened to me.  Taking a “petro” chemical drug would not be my first option.

So how did our Western Medicine come into play? Check out this quick video to get the history behind its changes.

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How Did We Get From Wholistic Healing to Chemicals Meds?