Are You Loving “Stuff” a Little Too Much?

When I was in my full-time organizing mode, I had clients who struggled with letting items go even if they had no need for these items.  Sometimes those items were held onto for: Security A sense of feeling a part of something Not feeling lonely Wanting the memory of the item because they thought if […]

52 Clutter Free Gifts!

Over the years I’ve sent messages on giving Christmas or Hannukah gifts that are heart felt and clutter free.  I thought I’d do it again. But this time I’m going to post something from Becoming a Minimalist.  I think they capture the idea beautifully. So, make your list and check it twice.  Be sure you […]

Are You Managing Your Stress Well?

Living in a state of continual stress is so dangerous to our overall health and so many of us are living in that “fight or flight” mode.  Our sympathetic system can be at an all-time high and we never allow our bodies to get into a balanced state and into our parasympathetic system. Living in […]

Restful Night Sleep Tip!

In my days of full-time organizing and having a client that had a whole house that needed to be decluttered and organized, the one room I always recommended we start with was the client’s bedroom.  Of course, I let them make the final decision, but I would always guide them in that direction. My Reason […]

How Are You Managing Your Digital Photos!

I am all about alleviating stress and helping people live in peace.  What could be a very devastating thing that could happen to you that would cause the utmost stress and take your peace away? Let’s go back to when I was working full time as a Professional Organizer with an added service of Photo […]

“Non-Clutter” Gift Giving Ideas for Christmas!

With Christmas being only 13 days away, we can be in a frenzy to buy those last minutes gift only to feel overwhelmed, confused and at our wits end.  Helping you to be in peace is always my goal, so I decided again to put on my organizing hat. In my days of working with […]

A Definition of Medicine … a different perspective

We’ve grown up to believe that medicine is that pill or liquid you take for a specific illness.  On many levels that is true but how about if we take a broader perspective on what the definition of medicine means. I love this definition: “Medicine is about the way you live your life.” Dr. Judith […]

Circle of Life … your home environment!

Are you feeling comfortable with your spiritual life?  Is it strong, growing and giving you the peace, love and guidance, you need?  I pray so. This week we will discuss the area of your home environment.  This Circle of Life Spoke on the Wheel is special to me as I have spent the last 8 […]

28 Stress Reducing Ideas

With so much un-settlement STILL happening in our Nation … and the World for that matter, it is no wonder that the level of stress in people is at an all-time high.  Managing stress can be hard because when we have this sense of overwhelm, it’s hard to think clearly let alone come up with […]

Clear the Clutter In Your Mind!

Clutter can be found in many places: Individual rooms of our home Garages Attics Basements Closets Cabinets File Cabinets Refrigerators Photo Boxes Yards Sheds Automobiles Pocketbooks School lockers Toy boxes Yikes that list can make you feel overwhelmed for sure.  But one area I didn’t put on the list was your mind.  Your mind can […]