Can having a “healthy” life be simple and basic?  I think so.  If we go back to the basics of life and look at logic and reason, we will easily see what we can do to obtain healthful living.  It truly doesn’t have to be complicated.  But making lifestyle changes are probably a must.  Those changes can be simple and hard at the same time.  Simple because they logically make sense.  Hard because our flesh will fight it.  But it can overcome

One of the areas to look at and understand its importance is to have balance in our body with antioxidants and free radicals.  You might not understand what the two are.  So, let me define them.

What Are Antioxidants?

  • They are molecules that will fight the free radicals that are freely floating in your body that can potentially harm your cells.
  • Your body has antioxidant defenders to help keep those free radicals at bay.
  • We can find antioxidants in food such as fruits and vegetables, and other plant based whole foods.

What Are Free Radicals?

  • Compounds that can cause harm to your cells if too many are floating in your body.

How Do We Get These Free Radicals in Our Bodies?

Here are some of the issues that will cause a buildup of free radicals.

  • Stress
  • Environmental Factors
  • Out of balance lifestyle
  • Air Pollution
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Alcohol Intake
  • Toxins from food and the environment

Our bodies must maintain a balance of free radicals and antioxidants to have a healthful life.

To help maintain that balance and create healthy cells, I recommend the following.

  • Watch the food you are eating. Cut back or even cut out processed foods, artificial/synthetic ingredients, sugar, non-Sea Salt, dangerous fats, white flour and much of the junk foods on the market.
  • Change your diet to eat more whole/real/fresh foods. You want to eat foods that don’t cause inflammation in your body.  Animal protein can increase inflammation, so I recommend you eat grass-fed/organic meat.
  • Get 7-9 hours of restorative sleep. I say restorative because you can get many hours of sleep.  But if you don’t wake up feeling refreshed and restored, you are not having a healthy night of sleep.  Look at what is causing disruptive sleep and make changes.
  • Check to see if your cleaning products are toxic.
  • Watch what you put on your body I the way of cosmetics, shampoos & conditioners, hair dyes, body care products, etc.

Know this …

  • If you have healthy cells … you will have healthy tissues.
  • If you have healthy tissues … you will have healthy organs.
  • If you have healthy organs … you will have a healthy body.

Remember this …. HEALTH IS WEALTH!

I remember the days when I always felt lousy and I would think “Lord when will these lousy feelings go away?”  It was hard to know how to define how I felt.  All I knew was I just felt lousy.  The doctor would give me a clean bill of health … but I still felt lousy.  Well because of my lifestyle and the foods I was eating, it was causing me to feel just plain lousy.  But the scary thing was I truly was setting myself up for ill health in my future.

I’m so grateful for the food poisoning I had 40+ years ago.  It wasn’t fun nor was it easy.  But it led me on a path of learning, exploring and changing many things in my life.

I am so glad I did.  If you need help making those changes … or you don’t even know what changes you need to make, let’s connect.  Schedule a 30-minute Free Consult so we can begin your journey of well-being.  You will be so glad you did.

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … believing in you!


The Importance of Healthy Cells