I am not sure if you had the opportunity to read my prior email on “What Do You Consider Fear P@rn?” and if you haven’t, the summary of it is below.  But after I sent the email, I realized I didn’t update with the latest fear that has been released … the Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV or the cold.

Seems like we are on a pattern of being taught to be afraid of these viruses because now people are not breathing oxygen again and choosing to cover their mouths and nose.  When I see people masked up, I just want to go and hug them and pray off the fear.

Please understand that I’m not trying to be judgmental.

I just want to set people free from this bondage of fear and provide them some truth.  I understand people don’t want to be sick.  But there are more scientific ways to keep from being sick and one way is to build up your own immune system.  God created our bodies to heal itself but there are things we must do for and to our bodies to create that environment of healing and one of them is NOT covering your mouth and nose.  Normal body function is to breath in oxygen and then release CO2.  Something that must be done.  By covering your breathing capacities, you are not preventing the spread or preventing yourself from the virus aerosols out there.   They go right through these masks.  Also, the concerning thing is that whatever lands on your mask from the environment, you are continually breathing it in.

I Have a New Podcast Coming

As I said in my prior email, I will be starting a new PODCAST series/teaching on fear and how damaging it is to our overall health and well-being and just being told “to not fear” or “not to be afraid,” is not necessarily helpful.  As much as we want, we don’t know what to do to remove it from our lives.  Well, my teachings will give you those tools.  My heart is to help you remove that fear from your life, so I released a challenge to hopefully get you started but it is much deeper than this challenge.

This challenge involves just one recommendation to start.  You might not like it and it might take some “intentional” strategies to accomplish it but being that this is a time for celebration with family and friends, I hope it makes it a bit easier.

So, what is that recommendation?

Turn off all forms of the news.

For the next 2-3 weeks do not listen to the news be it on your phone, TV, computer, Social Media, News APPs, etc.  Click it off as it pops up.  Give your mind and your emotions a much-needed break.

The news is nothing but “fear p@rn.”  (Don’t want my email to get censored).  The news isn’t about lifting us up, encouraging us or giving us hope.  It’s about releasing and instilling fear in us to then have the ability to control us.

Just think about the fear that has been released almost yearly since 2000.  (Actually, even before that but let’s just go back 22 years)

  • 2000 – Y2K is going to destroy us
  • 2001 — Anthrax is going to kill us all
  • 2002 – West Nile Virus is going to kill us all
  • 2003 – Sars is going to kill us all
  • 2005 – Bird Flu is going to kill us all
  • 2006—E-choli is going to kill us all
  • 2008 – Financial collapse is going to kill us all
  • 2009 – Swine Flu is going to kill us all
  • 2012 – The mind counter predicts the world ending
  • 2013 – North Korea is going to cause WWIII
  • 2014 – Eboli virus is going to kill us
  • 2015 – Isis is going to kill us all
  • 2016 – Zika Virus is going to kill us all
  • 2020 – Coronavirus is going to kill us all
  • 2022 – RSV is going to kill us

What Is Going to Destroy Our Health?

Bottom line the truth is that it’s FEAR that is going to destroy our health and well-being, bring on serious dis-eases which could lead to death.  So, let’s turn off the News, wash our hands and start living life again!  If you are sick, stay home!  It’s that simple.

Living in fear or with fear can become second nature to us at times.  We don’t even realize we are living with it.  Fear makes our decisions, guides our steps and frankly stops us from living life to the fullest.

Don’t let that be you!  Consider this recommendation.  Then for the new year I will be releasing my PODCASTS on Fear and how to be rid of it once and for all.

If you realize that fear has a major hold on you and you want to move into peace and freedom now, then let’s talk.  Schedule a 30-Minute Free Consult to see how my services can help you reach that freedom you desire.    Schedule your call here!

Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in you!


“Spot on! So thankful for you and the professional, compassionate way you help make the culture shift.”  Judy M.

A Follow-Up & Newly Added Fear P@rn to the List!